Dear Mr. President – March 20, 2020

Dear President Trump,

Again.thank you for trying your best to explain what is currently happening with your administration. I would encourage you to let the professionals talk about the details especially regarding the science. Despite your best efforts, I end up much more concerned and anxious after you speak. I really reacted to your comments to the journalist about a “nasty question” about what to tell the country about their fears. The question did not frighten me but your reaction did. Please don’t do that. It’s not good for those listening and it can’t be good for you.

This is my second letter to you.

Following today’s conference I have a few more questions and one serious concern for you. The questions include what does declaring a National Emergency allow the Federal Government to do? What ever they can do, did they begin doing it on the day you declared an emergency. If not, when, exactly, will those actions begin? Are you able to speak in an honest manner about the lack of equipment available for states, hospitals and especially, front line health workers? You said there are millions of masks available. Are they actually on the way to the states today, Friday, March 20?

Finally, you answered a question from a reporter who said that the people on the ground are complaining about the lack of equipment. You answered that you had not heard about that. Is it possible that your staff isn’t giving you the correct information?

Here is a suggestion, maybe re-order the NT TImes and the Washington Post papers.

Thank you and get some rest. You still look very tired.

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