Dear Mr. President – March 21, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

This is my 3rd letter to you in as many days.

I’m so glad you are looking better. I hope you had a good night sleep and maybe didn’t watch too much tv.

Actually, you did a pretty good job reading the notes your staff wrote for you. You also seemed to pay attention to the others when they were talking for a longer time than the past few days. I think you may have paid attention to some of the “nasty” questions you have been asked. You managed to not try to disparage (that means put them down or diss them) until closer to the end of your time on the stage.

Fun new drinking game: Every time the Vice President mentions the word “president”, take a sip. I counted 19 times just during his report and I may be on my second glass of wine. . He added the word more times as he “answered” questions.

The public still has questions including time until delivery of critical needs for protection and equipment. An estimate is fine but “soon” is not. Also, what, exactly, and how, exactly, will the national emergency service be doing? Will they build additional field hospitals as the local government in Washington is doing? Will they bring hospital beds or cots, or linens or machines or nurses or doctors? Toilet paper?

Thank you for all that you are doing. It’s always good to hear from your experts.

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