Dear Mr. President – March 22, 2020

Dear Mr President,

I guess I’m writing a daily letter. After all, we are at war with an unseen enemy. We need the daily updates. I’m happy to hear that the war is going so well. It’s good to know you are getting along great with all the governors, especially Cuomo. I forgot Gavin’s last name but you know it. But, I do remember the name of Washington’s governor, it’s Inslee. Maybe that wasn’t on your notes?

All the numbers are very impressive. It’s a start. A late start, but that’s because China didn’t tell you about this virus. How can that be your fault? It’s also good to know you are worried about the Congress people who have tested positive, especially Senator Romney.

You sounded so sad. I have one suggestion. The press conferences are too long. I think they could be shortened by about an hour. Information should be said once and not repeated over and over. Certain words should be off limits. “I”, “Strong” and “Strongly”, “Terrific”, and the phrases “no one ever knew”, “no one every did this before” and “I feel” (when it is connected to facts) Also, quit blaming everything on someone else.

I am disappointed in VP Pence. He only used the word ”President”only 11 times. That’s not enough to finish a glass of wine.

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