Dear Mr. President – March 23, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

This is my 5th letter and I feel like we are really getting to know one another better.

I didn’t used to watch you or read your words every day and now I do. You didn’t used to read my Facebook page and now, I think, you are. So, that’s happened.

I was so interested in today’s press/nation briefing. Where did everyone go? Where was Dr. Fauci? You know everyone worries about him but maybe he got an opportunity to rest. What happened to the FEMA leader and the Surgeon General? Are they okay? We saw AG Barr. He looked okay, a little serious but then he’s pretty worried about hoarding and price gouging. Was he going to help deliver any of the PPE’s to medical staff? I sure hope so.

We have lots of nurses and a doctor in our family and we are worried about them. The one who works in an ER reports not enough equipment. Is it because someone somewhere else is hoarding it? I know how much you are worried about the economy and I am very glad to know you are on it. It’s impressive that you have so many great advisors with sage advice on how soon to “open” the country up and help our great large corporations, like Boeing. Whew.

I read that Jarrod is now advising you on this. Oh good, he’s been so great at all his other jobs. True confession, I am also a bit worried about thinking about ending all the restrictions on our population in about a week. It really didn’t sound like the health professionals think this is a good idea. I’ve read that they think this is a “disaster”. I’m not an economist or a health professional, but maybe you should wait a bit longer to try and restart the economy. I know you can do two things at one time but maybe just wait a bit longer. Please.

By the way, I was a bit disappointed in VP Pence. He only mentioned you 12 times. I missed the last part of the briefing so maybe he kicked it up a bit more. On the other hand, you used the words “soon”13 times, “tremendous” 10 and “great”, well, I lost count.

You are so positive and I know we can all feel more hope.

Except the medical community and those who’s loved ones are sick.

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