Dear Mr. President – March 24, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for today’s update. It was shorter than the marathons over the last few days. Maybe that is because your administration is doing so great (you used that word 17 times) that there is less to tell. It was also so hopeful to hear that the country will “open up” to commerce but the decisions will be “grounded in facts”. We haven’t heard that before.

I did notice that the current facts indicate we haven’t quite reached the peak despite your comment that “we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel”. But, this will all be over very soon (7 times). We will have a “victory over the virus”. It’s running scared.

But, as usual, I have a few more questions that weren’t asked or answered today. Who is currently in charge of the Federal Government’s actions on the health crisis? This week? Next week? When?. -Great job working on this issue.

I also have a suggestion. I’m not an economist and I never do story problems but….. Could the CEO’ s of the “incredible”, “tremendous”, “great” companies perhaps contribute some of the millions of dollars they received as bonus checks after 2009 bail out to pay their employees? You mentioned that until four weeks ago the companies didn’t have a problem.

I think I speak for others when I say it was a relief to see that Dr. Fauci is okay, or, at least he was there on the podium. Also, I was able to finish a bottle of wine because VP Pence, despite speaking for only a few minutes, managed to mention “the President” 19 times! This might be a record.

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