Dear Mr. President – March 25, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

What an uplifting update today. First, congratulations on your approval numbers going up. Do you think it is because the public see how’s positive you are and how hard you are working, even without getting paid? Second, wow! What a great job you are doing for the country and for your friends, you know, people you like very much, even if they don’t, maybe, like you.

It’s so interesting to hear from you about all the great things you have done for our country. Without you we would be in such horrible shape. Did you think we forget about all of these great things and you have to remind us again (and again and again and again)?Third, what a relief to know the country will “open up” soon. I guess that means we get to go to restaurants and movies in certain parts of the country. It does seem that the medical community doesn’t agree with that. Apparently they want to keep the country “closed” for two years or so. Hmm…I didn’t know that. I thought they were just worrying about our health and the health of our country. Anyhow, it does look like the stimulus bill may pass and some help will get to people in need within the next few months. It’s good that you were so involved and will get so much credit for all the tremendous things it will do for our great workers. Seriously, good job.

Tonight’s questions include: A) Why is it you that speak the most when it the Covid update is supposed to be a summary of what happened today? B) Could VP Pence give the summary and then the two doctors (so good to know they are still there) tell us the science side of the work?, C) Where did VP Pence get the blue sheet of paper with 15 Days to Slow the Spread?

I actually looked on line this morning and saw that we are supposed to wash our hands, keep a distance and call our doctors if we feel sick but I didn’t see the blue paper. By the way, the update this morning on the site was from Monday. Who is supposed to update the site? Is that person okay? Also, cool name for the piece of paper, 15 Days to Slow the Spread.

As far as VP Pence goes, we were on a walk while you were all talking so I’m not sure I completely got the entire count of his saying “president”. It was either 14 or 15.

But, I did think of a new game- Who’s Missing? It’s like the game we used to play with our children when they were very young. While we waited at restaurants we had them line up a number of objects like salt, pepper, ketchup bottle, fork, etc. Then they closed their eyes and we took one item away and they had to guess What’s Missing! Every day there are new people on the podium with the president. Just saying…..

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