Dear Mr. President – March 29, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

How are you doing? You actually looked more rested tonight! You also seemed somewhat calmer than you did a few nights ago. I think it might be because the doctors told you that the “Slow the Spread” recommendations need to be followed for at least another month. I bet that was kind of a relief because you knew that Easter (Passover) was too soon to let the country, even parts of the country, “open up”.

You used a new word tonight that I think deserves to be awarded the Word of the Day- “Aspirational”. Some people misunderstood your comment about great crowds in the churches on Easter Sunday. That was an “aspirational” statement. I’m glad that was made clear tonight. By the way, “incredible” is actually getting a new award, “Word of the Month”. It hit a record today of 20 times but I didn’t count the number of times other people used it. Also, you really let us know about all the “incredible” things that you and your people are doing (27 times) so we can really appreciate the hard work.

By the way, I mean this sincerely, the professionals are really doing so much. For the most part, since we haven’t lived through a pandemic in more than 100 years, you are correct in saying that “no-one has ever seen this or done what we’ve (you) done”.

Still, I do have some questions. Why do you think the hospitals are asking for more equipment? You mentioned, numerous times, that they used to use about 10,000 masks a month? It wasn’t really clear how often these were delivered. Anyhow, now they want 300,000! You suggest that journalists investigate this. Do you really think “are they walking out the back door” or “even worse”? It sounds like there might be a black market for masks. There might be a Pulitzer Prize for some journalist.

Another question, how is your family? We haven’t see our First Lady since the one video she made. Is she or your youngest son in the White House? Are they climbing the walls like so many other parents and children?

I missed seeing VPPence. Is he still in charge? I had to stop watching the briefing (wrong word to use as it is too long to be a brief) so I could have a Zoom happy hour with some friends.

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