Dear Mr. President – March 27, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

You must be so tired, I know I am after listening to you speak for such a long time (an hour). It’s almost Shabbat so I have to write this letter in a hurry so we can enjoy our Shabbat dinner. It’s just the two of us instead of our normal 4 generations’ dinner. We miss having our Dad, our children, my brother and sister-in-law and one of our nieces. Sometimes all three of our children and their families. Sometimes, Ron’s sister, brother in-law and brother and sister- in- law and nephews and a great nephew. Sometimes another niece and her husband and two incredibly cute children. In other words, we miss our normal and we will miss our normal Passover Seder as well when we would see another nephew and his wife as well as a number of friends, acquaintances or others looking for a seder.

But, back to you. Please save your voice and strength. We get it, usually by the third of fourth time you tell us. You have done so much and we try and try to thank you so that you feel the love but please don’t take questions or concerns as disrespect. Maybe you think that the questions or concerns are disrespect but maybe it’s because I and maybe others, need to hear from the doctors before my attention span wanders. The medical personnel on the front lines are “incredible”. By the way, “incredible” wins the Word Of The Day Award today. Twenty times! Actually “great” or “greatly” was used 25 times but it is used so much that I’m giving the award to “incredible”. I stopped listening and didn’t hear how many times VP Pence said “president”.

Anyhow, the medical people in our family who are really on the front lines, including the ER and a Covid floor, really still need equipment, especially the PPE. Your administration has sent a lot but it’s a drop in the bucket. Detroit needs MORE!

Speaking of Detroit, I need to tell you something important. You know how I feel about you and the efforts your administration is making, but….. We love the women in our state. We love Debbie Dingell and we love Elissa Slotkin and especially, our governor, Gretchen Whitmer. As a Michigander I am deeply upset about how you speak about her. She has lots of ideas and is in complete control of what is needed in our state. Everyone is frustrated that, despite your team’s efforts, Michigan health workers do not have the equipment they need.

One last thought, well, actually a question. When you declare a National Emergency, doesn’t that mean the federal government leads the way? Doesn’t it mean that the governors are looking for national coordination of information and resources?

Anyhow, you must miss your weekend at Mara-Lago but it is not a good time to go there. Get some rest. Shabbat shalom.

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