Dear Mr. President – April 1, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

What in the world happened tonight? I watched The President’s Corona Virus Task Force Briefing at 5:40 p.m EST and learned we are in a drug war with “bad actors”! And possible war with Iran! I listened to the army guy, the navy guy, some ambassador and the Attorney General (?why?) tell us about all the boats and guns and people already in place to stop the flow of drugs into our country. Why did you tell the bad guys the plans? And, why did you spend so much time (40 minutes) to let us know this? I think it is to demonstrate how well your administration can do more than one thing at a time. I am glad to know that. Still, It was a bit weird.

Finally, the President’s Corona Task Force finally came out to brief us on what happened today. Maybe they did, but I left the “briefing” after another hour or so and didn’t hear all the details. I did learn that we have almost 10,000 ventilators in the national stockpile that can be used when they are needed. Also, good to hear from you that “soon we will have more ventilators than we need and then, after we stockpile them, we can send them to other places”. It was also good to hear that “we have an excess of certain things and not enough of others”. I am still confused as to why the hospitals are still begging for more of everything in so many states. I think Walmart will help with something, not sure what.

But then you also told us about this war with Iran. Apparently, our great intelligence heard about a plan to attack American soldiers in Iran. But, you told them on Facebook, where you are #1(!), that “it’s not nice…don’t do it, this is not a heads up, this is a warning, because last time we hit them very hard in 5 massive sites and took out a lot of really bad guys and they will pay a bigger price if they do anything”.

We also learned that you might have to intervene with Russia and Saudi Arabia to get a deal on oil so that our oil companies are okay. Honestly, where do you find the time to do everything? And, Iran, they really want to make a deal but they were given very bad advice by Kerry. So, I was still wondering about what happened today with the Corona Virus war. I am still confused. Apparently, the great governor of Ohio used a local company to make and send 12 million gowns to the national stockpile although you want needed equipment to go right to the hospital and not even go to a warehouse. Also, large cargo planes are coming from all over the world with supplies. It was also a relief to learn that “soon a cure remedy, or even help or a vaccine” will be here and “it’s (the economy?) all going to go up very quickly or maybe slowly but it will all come back.” Whew.

VP Pence did speak for about 10 minutes and was able to say the word “president” 13 times and the words “American People” 12x. He might have given us more information but after an hour and a half of listening I left to have dinner. I do have a suggestion for the journalists that are present. Don’t ask dumb questions that have already been answered. Maybe the briefings could then be brief. Ask VP Pence when he will be completely honest and let us know that we don’t have the necessary tests, PPE, ventilators masks and other supplies that are needed and we won’t have them in time.

And, Mr. President, you have so much on your plate that I think you do not need to be at these briefings. They are exhausting.

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