Dear Mr. President – April 12, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

So, how are you? How’s your weekend going? Did you get to attend any Seders or are you planning on a large family dinner tonight for Easter? Do you attend religious services like we do, on Zoom? How are Melania and Barron doing?

Governor Cuomo lets us know how he is and talks a lot about how close he has become with his daughters. It’s really nice to hear him talk about these things as so many families are struggling to either get along without food, money or jobs and others are struggling to get along with each other. It would be nice to hear from you about how you manage family life.

I haven’t written for a few days, due to the 2 Seders or Zeders as we are calling them. Then it was the Sabbath and I rested. Actually, resting seems to be a part of most days. It does help pass the time but I think it is more because of feeling like we are in suspended animation. That’s probably not something you are experiencing because of how hard you are working. It seems like you have a four to six hour day on the phone. Then there is the daily two hours standing and talking or listening to others talk. It’s exhausting.

I wanted to discuss your cheerleading career. I used to be a cheerleader (decades ago) and I remember how difficult it was to get a crowd excited about our teams. Our football team was 0 and 9 (wins/losses) and our basketball team was 1 and 19. Even though our teams worked hard and played hard, they just were not as good as the other teams. Still, we cheered for them and their efforts and tried to keep our morale up by supporting each other.

I’d like to offer the following suggestion based on my experience. We were friendly to the other teams so maybe you can try being friendlier to other people like journalists, governors and mayors, even if they say mean things about you. It’s always better to rise above the petty comments. It makes you look like a better person.

Here’s another suggestion for you. It’s important to stretch. You spend a lot of time either sitting or standing at the podium. Please remember to stretch your physical muscles. Try to stand up straight and put a smile on your face, sometimes. It will help the cheerleading and make people think you are hopeful.

Remember the song “Whistle a Happy Tune”? You can stay honest about reality and give concrete examples of how things will improve (like changing the President’s Corona Virus Guidelines to Slowing the Curve for a bit longer, according to the health experts).

Another good way to stretch is to sit quietly and listen to others. Sometimes our inner voices lead us to bad decisions and hearing another point of view would be more helpful. Enjoy your family and this Easter Sunday. Go Team!

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