Dear Mr. President – April 13, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Whew, I am really exhausted! How about you? You look pretty good with your tan and hair not flying around like it does when you yell over the helicopter. You also have tremendous, incredible stamina! How do you stand for over two hours and strain your voice with such orations and not collapse in exhaustio? I was sitting and watching (not for all of it but in between repeats of the Big Bang Theory) and I’m exhausted. 

I really am super tired and a wee bit bored. Maybe it’s because I have heard you mention shutting the border down from China and then Europe a few hundred times. Maybe more? Maybe it’s just that staying home and not doing too much is a wee bit boring. Maybe it’s just me but I bet others feel the same way. I don’t think the journalists have forgotten how smart you were to “shut it down” but I don’t think you change any of their minds by yelling at them and calling them names. However, the video was a great example of how creative people in your administration can be. It was so classy and maybe they can enter it into a short video competition. Will we be seeing any more of these videos? Do you think someone will try and fact check it. It really drove home the point about how this crisis shouldn’t be about politics. 

I do have a suggestion for the journalists- don’t come to these marathons. Don’t ask the President questions you know he has either answered before or won’t answer or will yell at you. It’s a waste of all our time. Ask technical questions of the experts that will actually help all of us to understand what happened today or this week. Please. By the way, I love the NYTimes and read it every day. I also read RealClear Politics, RedState, Huffpost and CNN and sometimes a few others so I’m not brainwashed by the NYT.

I do have a question for the President: What happened with the War on Drugs? Last week, or maybe it was two weeks ago (we all have lost track of time) you had an entire array of military officials and Attorney General Barr (??!!) giving us details about a new mission. What has happened since then? I tried to find out by going on the website of the Justice Department but all the information was from 2011 through 2020. AGBarr told us that the ships and planes had already been deployed. Maybe this is a secret mission even though you gave about an hour’s worth of information on TV. Please update us.  

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