Dear Mr. President – April 15, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Can you believe those Democrats? It’s so terrible that they have not allowed you or Mitch McConnell to put thousands and thousands of Republican nominated judges into life time jobs without checking them out. And, all this stalling just to block you and your wishes. How can they be patriots if they challenge you all the time? On the other hand, did you know that as of last November (almost 5 months ago), the House of Representatives passed over 400 bills that Mitch McConnell has not allowed to be debated or brought up in any way by the Senate? He is so savvy. He also managed not to allow a candidate for the Supreme Court to even come up for a vote. Unbelievable!

Speaking of Democrats, (and probably some governors), are you ready for the push back you may get from some of today’s comments? You said, a number of times “We have the right to do whatever we want to do”. I am pretty sure there may be a problem with that. You also mentioned that you have the constitutional power to adjourn Congress. That’s INCREDIBLE!!! As you always say, We’ll see what happens.

It’s also” incredible” (only 10 times tonight), that you have managed to conduct more than 3 years of press conferences into a month long TV show! And, I read that you were thinking about starting a call in radio show! Wow! Wouldn’t that have been something.

Also, apparently you didn’t know that your name is on the checks that are going out to individuals and small businesses. But, as you said, “I’m sure they will be happy to get a check with my name on it.”. I was also surprised to learn that the World Health Organization is a tool of the Chinese who are lying about their numbers of infections and deaths. It’s as if you can’t believe anything your friend, Xi, with whom you have a “great relationship”, says, except the amount of money his country is paying this country because of the greatest deal in history. I hope they aren’t lying about their end of the deal.

It was nice to see VPPence again. He’s been coming on the President Trump Show so late that I’ve already turned to the Big Bang Theory. Actually, tonight there is an NCIS Marathon. I love that show. Anyhow, he managed to mention the word “president” 17 times in only 6 minutes! That might be a new record. Congratulations.

I am looking forward to hearing about your call with the 50 governors tomorrow. I am pretty sure they are looking forward to it too.

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