Dear Mr. President – April 15, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

One of my letters got lost in the mail but we (my husband, not me) are/is trying to retrieve the letter so you can read it. You haven’t really written back to me but I’m pretty sure you can imagine how much I am trying to reach you.

The days, weeks and now months of isolation, social distancing and loneliness are weighing on everyone. I’m sure you feel it as well. Most of your contacts are by phone, not in person. Maybe that is why you stand so close to VPPence on the podium and mention all of your friends. You must miss them very much. You seem to have a very large social group. You spent much of yesterday mentioning some of them. I started to count: Companies-12, Unions- maybe 15 or more, Defense – only 5, Energy -more than 10, Food and Beverage -15, Transportation -7, Telecommunications -5, Health Care – 25(!), Technology -13, Sports-I lost track at about 17 and Thought Leaders (the smartest)-13. Religious leaders are part of this group too but you haven’t spoken to them yet. Anyhow, I am not familiar with all their names but you seem to be very friendly with some of them.

I did have a couple of questions about this list: Why did you mention everyone’s name when we all don’t know them? Are you having a teleconference with all these people to plan something like a grand opening of a mall? Do you know how to Mute people on Zoom? One more question, you mentioned the unions and the name James Hoffa!!!!! Are you talking about Jimmy Hoffa? I don’t think he will participate in any teleconference. Anyhow, let me be your cheerleader as you are trying so hard to be ours. I found a quote from my religious sources that may be helpful. I may be able to find a few more to help you make decisions about our country and the humans that live here.

Today we read from a Torah portion about the crossing of the Red Sea (tradition says it occurred on what we say is the 7th day of Pesach). A commentator (R. Yaakov Kamenetsky) says Pharaoh teaches us an important lesson in human nature. “When a person’s own interests are involved and his desires aroused, he can rationalize everything in his favor.”

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