Dear Mr. President – April 19, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

I can’t tell you how intensely moved I was by your performance yesterday. I didn’t hear all of it as we went out for a walk. We always follow the President’s Corona Virus Task Force Guidelines for Slowing the Spread and keep at least 6 feet away from others and cover our mouth and nose with a mask if there are too many people. Walks are still allowed and even encouraged in Michigan. If we lived near a lake and owned a boat, we could go sit in it and fish. We haven’t read or heard of any arrests made for that or for planting roses or other plants.

It was very moving to hear your own words without the writers who give you the sappy speeches. Did you give them the day off yesterday? We could hear how deeply you feel about our current situation and how angry you are with, well, everyone; Democrats, governors, China, the media (of course), and everyone who blames you for everything bad. Of course, you knew that the President of the (United) States usually takes the blame for national news.

I am very uncomfortable with your degree of strong emotions. It makes me feel anxious and worried. There is a video on Youtube of a little girl who’s parents are getting divorced. She plaintively explains how she wants everyone to be “friends”. She doesn’t want them to be “too high but be low”, meaning the shouting. It’s so sweet and it’s a bit how I feel when you yell, say mean things about people and sound scary. It sounds like we are going through a divorce between you and some of our states and we are caught in the middle. Ron will attach the video I’m talking about below.

By the way, did you watch the One World Together at Home last night. It was wonderful. I do have more ideas for you to solve some problems but I’ll save them for another time. I’m still trying to calm down from yesterday’s excitement.

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