Dear Mr. President – April 20, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

It was really nice to hear some other voices give us information tonight. I appreciate what they are doing. I am super impressed with General Semonite. He reminds me Sergeant Friday on the old tv show, Dragnet. “Just the facts, Ma’am, just the facts.” He was also on Rachel Maddow’s show, maybe twice, and terrific both times. The next two guys were were also impressive. They talked about “testing” (which was the word of the day). Only problem was I didn’t have closed caption on and without it I can’t hear as fast as they talked and I’m not really sure who they are.

You, sir, seemed to be in a really good mood. In the first 15 minutes or so you used superlatives, and in a good way, more than 20 times, (your favorite, “incredible” and “great”, “fantastic, and “tremendous”) just in case you are keeping count. You also stuck to the topic of the evening, “TESTING” pretty well, except for telling General Semonite to talk about The Wall and how The Army Corps of Engineers is helping build it. We did learn a bit about oil, S. Korea, and heard a bit of the old rant about “countries used to take us to the cleaners” with bad deals or no contracts.

There was also a question about the Small Business Loan part of the CARES bill that is now out of money. It had to due with larger corporate businesses getting money and smaller, local businesses missing out. You mentioned that you “didn’t get any” (money, I assume)? Were you talking about your company, your hotels your golf courses or what? I thought you had turned the business part over to your sons, well the two older ones. Are you hurting for money?

I have a great idea of how to help you and your family’s business. You know how the checks to help people have your name on them? Instead of doing that, ask the US Mint to print new coins with your picture on them. I’m thinking the pennies. They are pretty much the right color and they could become collectors’ items. Also, they can be used as an activity. When our kids were young we would go to the local train tracks, put pennies on the rails and wait for the train to come by. Then the kids could collect the flattened coins. It was cool!

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