Dear Mr. President – April 22, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

It’s 7:40 and you and VP Pence have been standing for almost two hours. You can stop now. Go rest. Both of you look a bit peaked and, to be honest, a little bored. Me too. As I have explained many times, these “briefings” are too long. They are not brief. My attention span has decreased significantly in the past five weeks. Or is it 10 weeks? It’s really hard to track time. It must be hard for you too because you seemed to lose focus when you read the remarks and sometimes the end of your sentences have nothing to do with the beginning of them. Remember, shorter is better.

You did pretty well reading the flowery stuff this evening that someone writes for you and you also did okay reading the numbers of different stuff but honestly, who cares anymore? You know “they” are just waiting for your riffs; the rants against the media, the Dems, Iran, or whomever and the bragging about how “great”, “incredible”,”terrific”, and”tremendous” everything is. Those of us who follow you know all of that already. We know how you are the best, smartest, strongest, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc, ever.

It’s good to know that you and your team are sort of on the same page regarding whether or not the Corona virus will return in the fall. Dr. Redfield and Dr. Fauci and Dr.Birx all said it will be here in the fall. My question is will it summer somewhere else? It isn’t gone now, even if the numbers are falling. You seemed to agree that it “will be smaller and we can contain it; it won’t be like what we’re going through now. It may not come back at all, or we will put it out fast”. I think that covers everything but you want to be an optimist. A couple of days ago you said “we will whack it”. Cool! With a board, stick or tennis racket? And, we will all get flu shots.

By the way, do you get flu shots? I was wondering because you don’t wear a mask and you stand close to people, especially VPPence. Also, you mentioned that you will take “great care of our seniors” (whew) but not me (you?). No one want to take care of me”. Oh dear, was that a joke or does the Secret Service need to know about this possible threat?

Speaking of jokes, there have been so many really good ones going around. Do you get the opportunity to see some of them on Facebook or other social media? There are parody songs and memes and pictures and really funny ones that help keep our spirits up. Also, on a different topic, you mentioned that ” We always win. Sometimes we don’t want to win. Sometimes we just go to a standstill”. Um, was that a joke or maybe you could clarify that remark. It was not understandable.

Go read some of the jokes. I’m sure your family can show you the best of them.

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