Dear Mr. President – April 23, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

I think we have to talk a little bit about ventilators. We are all thrilled that there are enough to go around and no one has been turned down for one if they need it. Even those that had to share a ventilator with another person, or use a repurposed BiPap machine or other” McGivered” device, at least had some help. You can consider yourself as thanked, blessed, praised, honored and incredible. You don’t have to thank me for mentioning it but, then again, I’m not part of the Fake News. Well, maybe I am?

It sure is exciting news that the Homeland Security something or other section guy gave us tonight. The Corona Virus’s half life is really cut short with higher temperatures and higher humidity. And, the sun, our amazing sun, can kill the virus! So, you were sort of right by saying it (the virus, not the sun) will go away in the summer. Maybe North? On the other hand, some countries with hot and humid weather, like Singapore, are seeing more cases. Apparently there were about 3,000 since the beginning of April. Today, The WHO (f you trust them) reported there was a 43% jump in cases on the African continent in one week! There might be some more studies that need to be done.

I also wanted to remind you that sometimes you should sleep on an idea or thought before you discuss it in front of the world. You have mentioned that you are not a doctor (multiple times)and you are just spitballing the ideas you have about how to cure the virus. It didn’t sound like Doctor Birx thinks your idea of “cleaning out the body with an injection” is a great idea. The cleaning that had previously been mentioned was bleach! Or, were you referring to sunlight, heat, UV rays or what? It was just an idea you had, not a recommendation, because you are not a doctor. Your ideas are incredible but maybe, just maybe, not quite ready for prime time.

The idea that sunlight could help is a great one especially if we continue social distancing. I wonder if you were thinking about playing some golf but maybe without an entourage? My friend, Steve, thinks this might be a way to open up golf courses. Is he right? You mentioned that Joe Biden is “a sleepy guy in a basement that isn’t moving around”. He must feel a lot like you since you are stuck in the White House and not moving around too much either. Maybe, when it’s the right time, the two of you could play a round of golf together. It’s just a suggestion, like you say, “I”m just here to present ideas”.

I want to go back to the ventilators. You seem to really need everyone to talk about them. You say there are now thousands and we don’t need them anymore. Why are we continuing to make them? You said that so many other countries really need them. Are you giving them away or selling them to those countries. Is this a new business venture for our Great American Companies? How much will these ventilators cost? What if the demand is not as great as the supply that we have or will have? I am not versed in macro economics but I know you know as much as the economists (“who have no idea”) because you have a great…. I think you were going to say brain but you didn’t finish the sentence, so what happens if the supply is greater than the demand?

One last question: Everyone is asking where you get your hair done. We are all looking forward to the day we can get a good haircut or dye job, if we need it. Who does yours?

Is he or she considered an “essential worker”?

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