Dear Mr. President – April 26, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

I miss you! You left without a goodbye, a two week notice, a farewell party or even a balloon bouquet. Was it something I wrote? Was it the new Randy Rainbow video? Just because people tease you or say something sarcastically, it doesn’t mean you have to turn your back and run back to the Resolute Desk or your TV room. How will we ever get the truth about what is happening in our war on the “Invisible Enemy”? Chris Cuomo is still talking to everyone.

Ok, I understand that you took a beating from the Fake News due to your interesting take on dealing with the Corona virus. Still, you are the President who could provide hope, vision for the future based on reality, and a clear statement of facts. If you do not or cannot do that, then you have other people who could. For example, VPPence, the head of the President ‘s Corona Virus Task Force, could report all the numbers of “stuff” that you have been reading. He already does that when he gets the opportunity to report that information but, you might also ask him to report how much “stuff” is needed every day. He could still mention you at least 2 times a minute like he was doing. Although, the word “president”(only 13 times) lost out to “governors” (31 times) and “test” or “testing” (34 times) in his last appearance (10 minutes).

Most people knew that you really didn’t mean that we should ingest or inject Clorox, Lysol or rubbing alcohol, but I do have some tried and true and safe ideas for how to clean out our insides and therapeutics that work. For example, Prune juice is very effective at cleaning out our guts. So is dried fruit and it’s tasty as well.

The best therapeutic for most illness, as you know, is chicken soup. It should be home made and if you can find a Jewish mother to make it, that’s the ideal, but others can make it as well. My mom, (Z.L. – Hebrew for “may her memory be a blessing,” which it is), used to make us a “Gogel Muggle”. Here’s the recipe; one cup of tea, sweetened with honey, add a little milk and lemon and a shot of whiskey. It should take care of many ills. My Bubbie (grandmother) said that a sore throat can be cured by gargling with urine. I can’t personally attest to that solution.

I would like to continue to communicate my feelings and ideas to you. My husband (and our friend, Steve,) are putting together a blog, but I’ll let you know when it’s ready).

I hope you could consider putting our letters into your future Presidential Library.

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