Dear Mr. President – Look what arrived today!

Look what arrived in the mail today!

At first I thought the virus had been renamed as President Trump’s Coronavirus. But, of course, that can’t be right.

I was glad to see today’s event was done indoors as it was too windy yesterday and it messed up your hair. I also applaud your decision to let the doctors do most of the speaking. What they had to say was really sobering and frightening and I think you prefer to tell us about how great everything is going. You had them answer all the hard questions about fatalities. I think those numbers really terrify you as much as they terrify us. You try so hard to be upbeat about our country. At one point you mentioned “we will see things get better all of a sudden”. With all due respect, we all hope for that but the data doesn’t seem to point in that direction. You are very proud of the hard work of your administration. I agree that the armed forces and national guard and FEMA are working like crazy. Kudos to them.

You seem to work hard making phone calls to so many important people. There were 11 calls to leaders of communication companies as well as calls to governors and leaders of countries. That’s hours of phone time!!

It was good to see VP Pence again. I hadn’t heard him in a few days because my attention span is about an hour and he, apparently, spoke after that time. I only heard him speak for about 10 minutes but he did manage to mention you 28 times!! A new record.

This is a frightening time. Just tell us the truth. If we really don’t have enough equipment for right now or next week, tell us. If we have a 1000 masks or tests but need 10,000 or more, be straight. If governors say they need things, believe them. Please.

We pray for your friend in the hospital and all the others who are sick. We pray for their families and for our loved ones working on the “front lines”.

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