Dear Mr. President – March 31, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

You really knocked it out of the park tonight! I think you might still be in a good mood from making the decision to relax on “opening up the country”, and “going back” (to normal?) and allowing more time to “Slow the Spread”. You were so thankful for all the good work and hard work and “incredible” (15x) work that you and your administration have done. Nobody would ever believe that it would be so “great”(25x!). And you were so appreciative and thankful to everyone (25x). It was nice to hear the positive things that are happening. It was also tremendous (8x) of you and our country to help other countries around the world by sending them “things” and “really good stuff” (some of it money).

You mentioned masks, ventilators and other things (not sure what they were) that have already been sent to many places. On the other hand, China and Russia have sent us “things”. Did you send them on to Italy or other places or did they go straight to our hot spots? That was a bit confusing. Maybe you can clear that up tomorrow.

It was nice to meet the “Greatest Business Executives” in the world. I guess I should go buy some Jockey socks, Proctor and Gamble cleaning products (I already use Tide) and maybe a new pillow. Do you think that the pillow man was punning us when he said his company was “uniquely positioned” to “adjust to the future”? He is such a huge fan of yours that you should bring him along to your next rally, whenever that happens.

One suggestion: If you are going to highlight a product, say a new Corona, test, maybe you could get a volunteer from the audience to actually take it rather than just showing us the box and taking another package out of the box. I’m really grateful that even though you could cause a panic better than the reporter, that you use your time in the spotlight to cheer us up.

An added bonus is giving reporters a new investigation to pursue….where are all the masks?

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