Dear Mr. President – April 27, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

You came back!  Not like a second round of the virus (G-d forbid) but, to show us that you love being in front of the American People and telling us how successful the “opening up of our country” will be. We have tests, so many tests, more than any other country of the 184 where it the virus has arrived. You allowed a whole bunch (8) heads of companies (great companies) to report what they have accomplished in the past 5 weeks since we heard from many of them. They all have great workers who have worked night and day (some at minimum wage) and most have doubled their capacity or sites or tests or other things. Honestly, they each spoke rapidly for about two minutes each to report on their successes, so I completely lost track of who they were or what they were actually talking about. So, good on them. What I don’t understand is what we really need in terms of testing to feel safe going to the hair salons and everywhere else.
They have labs and swabs and gowns and, let’s not forget, the VENTILATORS galore, literally millions of them. But, again, I don’t mean to complain as I know you don’t like that, how many tests per day do we need? If there are so many platforms how do we know they all provide the same information? And, what exactly is a “platform”. I know we have “a bigger number than anybody in the world” and we went from 100,000 to 200,000 tests a day, but since when? If it just happened yesterday then maybe we aren’t in such good shape. Maybe, one of the doctors could put that into some kind of context. Is that good or not good enough? I know, because you said so, that “we have it all over other countries who are calling us to see how we are doing the testing”. Really, congratulations to all the companies and their workers who are doing a great job. Do they have any openings for more workers? That would also be great.
I do have some other questions for you. Did you change the color of your hair? It looked white today rather than that orangey-blond color. Do you think it was because the lighting is different outside? That’s another question; why were you in the Rose Garden? From what others were wearing it looked like a chilly, rainy day in Washington. I have more questions but I will save them for tomorrow. Here’s a heads up for you to think about. What are the qualities of a friend? When is this trip to West Point? Why are you going to West Point? Will any other members of your family go with you? There are more questions but, as I said, tomorrow we can discuss them.

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