Dear Mr. President – April 28, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

What? You started talking earlier today than our usual time? I wish you had told me so I could have heard it all.

Actually, I did hear some of it and I’m pretty familiar with the following sentences. “We’ve tested more than anyone else, times two”.  “We’re way ahead of testing but not given the credit”.  “We inherited a broken test and a broken system”.  “Some governors are strong on testing and some are not as strong and that’s okay”.  “We’ll be at 5 million tests a day very soon”.  I know I have heard those statements before.  But, yesterday, VPPence clarified his words about having 4 million tests (this was a month ago) meaning the tests were being designed or made but not sent out yet and the ability to use those tests to get results and get back with the states was not quite ready.  So, I’ve heard the words but I’m not clear on what they mean.  Are they factual statements or aspirational statements? We will soon know.

In any case, I wanted to discuss friendship with you. You seem to have a lot of friends with whom you speak on the telephone.  Do you text or IM or write with these friends to catch up with how they are doing?  I’m only asking because I would love to know what you look for in a friend.  Of course they should be supportive but should they also be able to tell you the truth (in a supportive way) and call you on your BS?  Most people I know say that their closest friends do that.  That’s what Oprah says about Gayle.  Do you have any besties like that?

Do you think that people you have business or political interactions with are your “friends”.  You often speak of them as such but I wonder.  Do you think you really have a “good relationship” with Kim or Vlad or any of those other guys most Americans think of as “dictators”?  I don’t think you should really see them as “true friends.  Can you cry on their shoulders?  Do you get invited to their children’s birthday parties or just go out for a round of golf and goof around?

You were asked today if you have made any calls to the families of people who’s loved one has died from this horrible virus.  It sounds like you made 4 calls.  One to the good friend you told the American People was strong and fine and then, suddenly on a ventilator and he “didn’t make it”.  That sounds like what others are saying as well.  The other 3 calls were to “friends, not as close to them but I did do business with them”.  That was kind of you.

This is just a suggestions, make some more of those calls.

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