Dear Mr. President – April 29, 2020

April 29 , I think,
Dear Mr. President,
     How are you doing today?  Same old, same old?  Trouble sleeping, watch some tv, watch some more, check in with friends to see how they are doing?   Maybe take a peek at Barron’s homework or which video games he plays?  How about Melania?  How is she doing?  She makes some videos that I have’t seen anywhere but I read about.  Isn’t one about the President’s Corona Virus Task Force Guidelines for Slowing the Spread?  I think it has to do with wearing a mask when you go out.
     Has VPPence read the guidelines?  You said you didn’t see yourself wearing a mask because how could you when you greet princes and kings and queens in the Oval Office. Has there been a lot of royalty visiting recently?  Are you shaking hands with anyone?
     I am really interested in your upcoming visit to West Point.  The Fake News says you are actually planning to go there for graduation.  Is that really true?  I understand the 1,000 cadets were sent home weeks ago and would have to travel back to campus so you can address them in person.  Have you already written your inspirational speech?  Please be sure to remind them that you have rebuilt the military and restocked all the empty shelves with ventilators and N95 masks.  Also, remind them that you built the greatest economy in the history of the world that disappeared when the unseen enemy snuck into the country from “you know where”.
     You have done such a great job and the press doesn’t write about your greatness enough.  It’s almost as if you are worthy of a Gold Star.  Of course, maybe that’s not the right medal for you as it is for families who lost a loved one in battle.  You might be a “wartime president” but hinting at injecting or ingesting certain cleaners and being laughed at for such a crazy idea is not the kind of death that the Armed Forces means.  Maybe there is no presidential medal to be earned in this “war” …unless…you issue an executive order that makes you eligible. Think about it.
     I did have other questions about this trip: 1) how about a Zoom graduation?, 2) maybe delay in person until there is a vaccine, and 3) are you paying their air fare or gas to return to the Academy?
     That would be such a great gesture on your part; it would be like signing the checks that were recently sent out or sending a personal letter to each person. That could earn a gold star, at least the kind someone puts on your forehead.

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