Dear Mr. President – April 30, 2020

April 30, 2020
Dear Mr. President,

You had another meeting with the press and I didn’t know about it!  If you keep changing times of day when the press will be able to ask questions, how do you expect your followers to be able to listen, take notes, understand your directions, thoughts, ideas and how we should all think and behave? We won’t know who is on the” good’ list and who is on the “naughty ” list. It’s like having whiplash. One day we should follow you and the next day we should listen to our governors and the third day show up for an anti-government rally in Lansing, MI. We followed the President’s Corona Virus Task Force for Slowing the Spread for 15 days, then 30 days, then the Guidelines for Opening America and now, do whatever? Figure it out. No need for lots and lots of testing?  Yes, there is a huge need but we will be there “very soon”?  Honestly, I don’t know what to do so I think I’ll stay home.


I was thinking about the meat processing plants and the the “D’s” involved in working in them- Dirty, Dangerous and Disgusting. And now, they seem to be centers of the country where the virus has found new victims to infect and kill but at least the people have jobs. You declared them to be essential jobs but the CDC didn’t give direct instructions on what the Great American Companies need to do to protect the workers. Do they qualify and need the masks, gowns and gloves that other essential workers need? Who will pay for them? What happens if and when they get sick? How will the Federal government help out? By the way, did you know that more than 50% of the workers in those plants are immigrants? Hmm. They are essential workers and yet many may be undocumented. Any thoughts about what would be a good policy to insure that the food chain supply continues, the workers are safe and kept healthy and ICE stays far away from the plants? Maybe all the workers could get green cards, health care, and a raise. I’m just thinking out loud.


After seeing some of the videos from the events today in Lansing, I would like to suggest that you speak up and remind people that Free Speech and gun ownership are protected by the Constitution but there is really no need to have military weapons and enter a State Capitol building!  It’s terrifying.  Most of this crowd seemed to be your supporters. Maybe you can remind them that you said to listen to the governors. When you have a rally they can bring all the weapons they want.


These folks were missing a couple of signs as they crowded each other and most didn’t have masks. Here are some suggestions for signs: “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” and “Live Free or Die”.


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