Dear Mr. President – May 7, 2020

May 7 2020
Dear Mr. President,

My head is spinning and my stomach is churning and it’s not “The Virus”. I feel like I have whiplash and someone (you) is trying to either drive me crazy or murder me. Mr. President, you know how I feel about you. Why are you torturing me like this? I try and try and try to follow what you are saying and what you have recommended our Great American Citizen Warriors to do to fight this “War on The Invisible Enemy”.

I wear a mask in public (except when I walk and no one is around), wear gloves, stay mostly inside and away from dear grandchildren and other humans, and wash my hands for as long as it takes to recite 2 prayers. One is the prayer for thankfulness to G-d for allowing me another day to do good in this world and the second is the prayer recited on washing one’s hands. Did you know that Judaism has such prayers? They are actually quite beautiful and are extra meaningful now.

Anyhow, back to being driven crazy and/or dead. In the last couple of days you ended the President’s Corona Virus Task Force and then quickly reinstated it because it’s “popular” and a lot of “very respected” people called you and told you to keep it.

First question, some people respect me; can I call you to share my thoughts?

Second question, will the task force be focused on money, stock market, keeping hamburger on the menus or saving lives? Personally, I would give up hamburgers to save lives.

You seemed to look rested on your trip to Arizona. Maybe it was the fresh air and exercise you got at Camp David or maybe it’s your new schedule. I saw that yesterday you came to the office about noon and today it looks like you start about 2:00 p.m.

Thank you for signing the proclamation honoring nurses, they deserve honor, adequate equipment, bonus pay and maybe a free massage when it will be safe to get one.

You also had a meeting with the governor of Iowa. Did you talk about the terrible spread of the virus in the meat packing plants? Today you meet with the governor of Texas, where I suspect you will praise him for “opening the state”. Then you and Mrs. Trump will make some remarks at the White House National Day of Prayer Service.

Even though you get the Corona Virus test frequently, many of the other people who will be there may not have had dozens, or even one of the tests. Maybe, you could lead a prayer that includes testing for all Warriors to the list of people and things to pray for.

And, then everyone could recite the prayer for washing hands and everyone could stand in a line, six feet apart, and wash their hands. It would be nice to serve some tea and cookies as well. Oh, wait, it’s hard to do eat and drink with masks on.

3 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President – May 7, 2020

  1. Lonnie… I can’t tell you how much your letters mean to me. You are my daily morning read, then Governor Cuomo for lunch, and today zoom Mahj with friends. You give me sanity and wry humor. I ❤️It!
    Maxine Solvay


    1. thank you so much. It’s keeping me sane. Are you at Balfour? My dad is there as well. So far so good.


      1. Lonnie… yes i’m At Balfour in the Independent living side. Which area is your Dad and tell me his name. I may know him.
        Keep those letters coming. You are keeping me sane too.
        Stay safe. Stay strong.


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