Dear Mr. President – May 8, 2020

May 8 2020

Dear Mr. President,

You have had such a busy day! We, the American people, could see how hard you work on so many important projects at the same time. You dealt with foreign leaders, tweeting, pushing businesses to restart whether or not they can test people for the virus, tweeting, listening to more praise from a group of Republicans, tweeting and threatening President Obama, Vice President Biden, James Comey, John Brennan, Robert Rosenstein and maybe others. How do you do it?

Today, you also spent 30 minutes right in the middle of the day to fly to the World War II Memorial, lay a wreath in honor of the end of WWII and return to the White House just in time for a quick lunch and a meeting with those Great Republican Members of Congress. I didn’t get to hear everything that was said but I did hear how much they value you you you!! Did you notice that no one was wearing a mask? Doesn’t it worry you a little bit that the person who lays out your clothes and feeds you has the virus? It worries me a little that you don’t know how to lay out your own clothes or feed yourself.

I think you also spent some hours on the phone with others who think you are amazing and a Great World Leader and really appreciate that you are “giving away thousands of ventilators to other countries”. Are you “giving away” these ventilators? Does that mean that the 9 companies that are making these “technologically significant” machines are not getting paid? That’s really Incredible!! Anyhow, the important thing is they tell you how great you are. Does Mr. Putin tell you that as well?

And, you still have time to micromanage the Justice Department, the Center for Disease Control, the Treasury and your campaign for President. All that, plus gizilions of tweets about how other people are so “unfair” to you. I do have a suggestion that Melania and her “Be Best” efforts might help you with, that is to find some new adjectives to use. Remember when we discussed the words “incredible”, “great”, and “tremendous”? We discussed how often you overuse them. I think it is time to learn some new words to describe people who don’t agree with you, your policies, your actions and your “sarcasm”.
I don’t think Melania would approve of calling humans “scum”. That’s just not a nice word to use. Maybe you could just call them “patriots”, “honest”, “knowledgable” or “very smart”.

Also, maybe get back to helping the country deal with a pandemic that is not slowing down even if businesses are “opening up”. You say that we are “Transitioning to Greatness”, probably by the 4th quarter or maybe, for sure, next year or very soon. A lot of people are hoping for that but a lot of people are going to need a lot more help and very soon!.

I really wanted to ask you about AGBarr and his efforts to disrupt, I mean, clean up all the terrible things that were done to you but, you keep stealing his spotlight. Maybe tomorrow.

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