Dear Mr. President – May 10, 2020

May 10 2020
Dear Mr. President,

It’s been a tough week for you, hasn’t it? It must be so scary to know that the “unseen enemy” is in the White House! If you need to talk about that fear, worry, sadness or any other emotion with anyone else, there are close to 80,000 families you could contact. They will understand and may even be able to “feel your pain”, to quote President Clinton (Bill, not Hillary).

And now, the virus also infected VPPence’s staffer who happens to be married to your little buddy, Stephen Miller. She must be under quarantine but is he also “locked up”? You know, like for security reasons or what the good doctors, Fauci and Birx have called “tracing”. It seems like a good idea for your safety as well as the safety of everyone! Also, how are Melania and the son that lives with her? (I respect his privacy). Are they able to help you lay out your clothes or feed you or did someone assign another Marine to that duty? I’m still trying to understand how a Marine trains in basic training or do he/she need advanced training for that job?

On the other hand, you had some good news from your own Roy Cohen this week. I am talking about AGBarr. They both are or were your personal attorneys and “had/have your back”. The only difference I can see is that Roy Cohen was kind of a small guy with a rat like face and AGBarr seems physically bigger with more of a walrus like face. Once again, he came to your aide by dropping all criminal charges against your former National Security Advisor. Whew! That must be a huge relief for you. I am referring to having an AG who completely understands how much you love the idea of being the Big Boss. I read in the Fake New York Times that AGBarr once wrote “the president alone IS the Executive Branch”. Of course, this was the NYTImes, so, maybe the editors just made that up.

Speaking of AGBarr, over a month ago he stood on the podium at the President’s Corona Virus Task Force “Briefing” along with a ton of other men, mostly in uniforms with lots of medal, to announce a very aggressive program of national security importance. It was the launching of an armada of ships, planes and soldiers to interdict drug smuggling from Central and South America. It turns out that parts of the Armed Forces didn’t know anything about this and there has been no news since. Do you know anything about the progress of this adventure? I know that you had a meeting yesterday early evening (Happy Hour?) with your national defense team. What can you share?

Anyhow, stay safe, maybe wear a mask or have everyone else wear one, you know, just to keep you safe. It would show the American People how relatable you are to our lives.

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