Dear Mr. President – May 11, 2020

May 11 2020
Dear Mr. President,

It’s been weeks since we last saw you in the Rose Garden showing a variety of products that you appeared to be selling. Maybe, if the president thing doesn’t work out, you could get a job on QVC selling things like Q-tips, plastic gloves or ventilators. It was far and away the most interesting part of your prepared remarks.

I do need to apologize to you. I wrote that your valet is a Marine and wondered what kind of advanced training she/he needed to get that job. But, she/he is not a Marine; sh/he is a Navy officer from an elite unit. I’m still left with the question of what kind of extra training is needed for this position.

But now to the point of this letter. I am so sorry to read that two people who work in or around the White House have tested positive for the virus. I heard one person report that the staff will be educated on how to protect themselves. Huh!!! They need to be educated on how to wash their hands, not touch their face, stay away from others and wear masks in public spaces? Have they not read the “President’s Corona Virus Guide on Slowing the Spread” that VPPence held up at every “Briefing”???? I got mine in the mail and then reread it on the government website to be confident that I was doing the right things. There really wasn’t anything else to learn about slowing the spread. Was this not discussed at any Cabinet meetings or daily memos? Maybe, put up some posters around the office with pictures of masks and a logo like WEAR YOURS! Also, you could hand out plastic gloves or hand sanitizers at the door of your office. Maybe have Melania start a new campaign about wearing masks. You could do an “afternoon special” like we used to have on tv, and show teenagers how cool it will be to wear masks.

American creativity is in high gear thinking up ways to reopen the economy safely. Your job, (that you are working so hard on), is to remind people to follow the directives of the governor of their state. That way, if things go poorly, they will be blamed, not you.

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