Dear Mr. President – May 12, 2020

May 12 2020
Dear Mr. President,
I tried to write to you earlier after hearing some very Important news that I wanted to make sure you knew about before you met with the Republican Senators this afternoon. I thought I sent the letter but, apparently, I lost it on the way to the post. I hope it’s not too late for you to get this information.
Here’s the story: I was in the car today on my way to get groceries and I was listening to the Medal of Freedom winner, Rush Limbaugh. I sometimes listen to him for two or three minutes when I’m in the car. Then, he magically disappears and the channel changes to NPR. Weird. Anyhow, he was explaining that, and this is a quote, “The Democrats want to keep the states closed so the economy tanks and then they think Trump will lose in November”!!!! Did you know about this conspiracy? It’s horrible and nasty! Can you believe that the Democratic governors want to harm all the people in their states only to hurt you? The logic of this escapes me as I don’t understand how they could get reelected, especially now that Rush has told everyone that this is the reason all the gyms, salons and restaurants aren’t opened yet. He said, and again I quote, “Don’t doubt me”. He must know a lot.
He also wanted to talk about the corruption of the last administration. He said he talked to Friends in Washington (I don’t think they are Quakers), who “showed him things”. Now, those things seemed like National Security papers and he must have some very important Friends. Maybe that’s why he “knows” things. It’s a lot like you, Mr. President. I certainly hope people “show you things” that you not only read but study. You probably don’t have to study too hard because you have told us (many times) that you have a very good….you know what (brain?).
I heard you mentioning something about Obamagate. You know that “gate” is kind of an old-fashioned meme and it’s pretty trite. I think you mentioned a crime and maybe also treason? Yikes, that’s a bit scary, but maybe someone showed you something.
Do you remember how Mitch McConnell said at the start of Obama’s term that the main goal of the Senate was to “make him a one term president”? Do you think that is what the Democrats are trying to do to you?

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