Dear Mr. President – May 13, 2020

May 13 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Hi, how ya doin’? I know, a little too casual? It was that kind of day here in Michigan. Sunny, warm, or what warm has felt like this year in Michigan (not snowing, raining or seriously windy). We took another ride, had some distance visiting with family (don’t tell Governor Whitmer because I’m not sure that is okay yet), but, socially distancing, wearing masks, using hand sanitizers and washing our hands. You know, the CDC guidelines that are also those of the President’s Corona Virus Task Force for Slowing the Spread. We are being responsible citizens, good role models and taking control for keeping ourselves safe.
You might not know this about wearing a mask (because you don’t), but there are some funny things that happen when you wear them. One, sometimes people don’t recognize you. Two, some people might think you are a robber (especially if you are a person of color) and become frightened. Three, peripheral vision is limited so it’s hard to see if you are too close to someone. It is also possible to miss the crack in the sidewalk or see the curb. Don’t worry, I’m okay.
I know you have heard that it can be hard to find toilet paper, cleaning supplies or hand sanitizer. The toilet paper we have is TOTALLY USELESS. My husband’s stained glass roll of toilet paper (, is more absorbent. I want to give a shout out to By the Pound, a wonderful store here in Ann Arbor. They have all kinds of flours, even bread flour, yeast, dried beans and other grains and a huge amount of spices that you can buy in small amounts rather than an entire jar of nutmeg that takes about five years to finish. We wear masks, gloves, and try and stay 6 feet apart. Everyone is in good humor, especially the owner, Glen and the wonderful people who work there. We try to stay grateful every day for all our blessings and this store, along with several others, like The Produce Station are some of my blessings.
On the other hand, I tear up almost every day. I miss hugging grandchildren, visiting and getting a kiss on the forehead from my father, and seeing friends and the rest of the family. I am so worried about all the people without jobs, money and hope. I’m usually a pretty up beat person but the tensions and serious anger displayed by some of our fellow Americans, is getting to me.
It must be getting to you too. I saw that your schedule was open until 4:00pm today when you met with the governors of Colorado and North Dakota. We are all getting advice of trying to take care of ourselves so I’m glad you are getting some rest. Take it easy, watch something fun; I think Hamilton, the movie film of the Broadway play, will be playing on tv very soon. Don’t worry too much about the medical and public health issues because you have Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birz and many other experts who are terrific to take care of those things. They aren’t making public policy or taking control of the government, but they have been really clear on what we all can do to take care of ourselves. So, you can watch some tv but maybe stay away from the news for a day. It will only depress you.

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