Dear Mr. President – May 14, 2020

May 14 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Not much happened today so there isn’t much to discuss. Your schedule wasn’t that full, again. Really, it hasn’t been that full for awhile. You mostly have one event a day. Today it was the trip to Pennsylvania to tour a factory making PPE or some other equipment and then you gave a short talk. Since you were at the factory for less than an hour, this was a brief speech. I’m not sure because I didn’t get to read about it nor did I listen to any news about it. I thought it would be more fun for both of us if I tried to guess what you said instead of taking copious notes (for the final exam) on the lecture.
You probably said how incredible it was to be in that place with the amazing workers. Maybe you mentioned how many pieces of equipment they make every day? Maybe you mentioned that they were laying people off until you came into office and saved their jobs? Did you mention that America makes more and better (fill in the blank) than any one else in the WORLD? “Not even close”. I’m thinking you used “”incredible” a number of times or maybe one of the words you think are synonyms like, “terrific”, “great” or “amazing”.
You probably said something like “We’re opening up America and we are going to be stronger than ever” (I certainly hope so). Then you probably mentioned that” three months ago we had the greatest economy in the history of the WORLD or maybe the universe and then the Invisible Enemy (you came up with that all by yourself) came because of you know who and we had to shut it all down but we are coming back strongly and will be even greater very soon. ” Am I close?
Did you trash talk Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or Adam Smith or That Woman in Michigan or CNN or MSNBC or The New York Times or The Washington Post or the “corrupt FBI” or the Intelligence Agencies? I’m sure you did because there was no Corona Virus Task Force Briefing where you could express your feelings. Do you feel better now?
Given the energy out there by “some people” to dwell on the facts of the pandemic, you probably countered that with something about “bad numbers”. You have been hinting at “they are fixing the numbers and making them bigger than they should be”. Do you think it is odds makers fixing the numbers or just the radical left Democrats who hate this country and hate you that are doing this to make you look bad. See, I have been paying attention to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and some of your friends on tv at night. That’s how I know the truth.

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