Dear Mr. President – May 16, 2020

May 16 2020

Dear Mr.President,

I don’t usually write to you on Shabbat but I have important new information to share. The President’s Daily Schedule shows that you are at Camp David again this weekend. I thought you were getting away with your family but it turns out this is a “guys’ weekend”. Are you going fishing or hunting? In a way, yes. You are fishing for information on President Obama and Vice President Biden and hunting for ways to win re-election. Please be very careful because some of your advisors have ideas that are pretty dangerous.

This leads me (almost) to another point. I listened to the speeches in the Rose Garden yesterday where you announced the Warp Speed Task Force for Finding a Vaccine for Corona Virus. Maybe think of another name that can be shortened to something snappier like Sci-For-IS, Science For Intelligence Search. I’m sure you have people working on it. Also, you announced a new flag for the Space Force. Is that what gave you the idea of Warp Speed for the task force? Maybe the uniforms will look like those on Star Trek?

But, here is the main news: While you are promising us a vaccine by the end of the year (I’m thinking late October) and that is great, there is another deadly virus circulating around the world. It is especially virulent in the United States of America and it is affecting/infecting even more people than the Corona Virus. It is called the Human Attacks Through Efforts Virus (HATE). The main symptoms are lack of empathy, high blood pressure, increased negativity, and lack of impulse control. It seems to be spread through speech, primarily.It is also found in rapidly typed Tweets, Posts on Social Media and even through the television. There have been incidents of the virus spreading through actions such as breaking windows, spray painting buildings, cemetery stones and even pushing or shoving other humans. It has led to a large number of deaths by guns as well.I don’t know the numbers but they are growing.

I think the scientific community should also take a look at this virus as it is purported to be able to destroy entire communities, institutions and even a country.

One thought on “Dear Mr. President – May 16, 2020

  1. Sadly, your words ring true. Scary stuff out there made scarier by the dangerous man in the White House.


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