Dear Mr. President – May 19, 2020

May 19 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership. I know it is a topic you are also interested in and since you are also an expert leader, I thought I would bounce a few ideas off of you.
I look back at leaders I have known in my life. There were principals of schools whom I knew quite well. There were administrators of organizations, boards, committees and camps. Some were amazing, terrific, strong and positive influences on everyone who worked for and with them. They made each and everyone of us feel special, worthy and respected. When there was a reason to critique or challenge anyone, they did it carefully and kindly, although seriously. I remember a speaker at an inservice telling all the school staff that “constructive criticism sometimes feels like constrictive crudicism”. So true, so true.
Then there are the presidents I’ve known, albeit only through television or newspapers. Some have been so inspiring that I wanted to work for them (Obama. He gave an awesome graduation address, he’s really good looking and he has a wonderful smile. He sings, dances, acts like the dad you would love to have, plays sports, is articulate and super smart). Others, not so much. All of them dealt with issues so serious and scary that most other people would quit or have a nervous breakdown. Actually, I think President Nixon did. Who would want this job….it’s about life and death and so much criticism and constrictive crudicism that all of us would
completely cave. Maybe, their drug of choice was Xanax?
I know you have your own style of leadership that doesn’t follow the styles of people I’ve described and we all know how great you are doing being the leader of the country; well, parts of the country. It’s really hard to live in an area where you criticize (crudicise) our local leaders. It’s like living in home where the grownups are arguing all the time. It leads to anxiety, depression and upset stomachs. We just want our leaders to stop yelling, calling names and demeaning others. Maybe watch some videos or tapes of Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Bush (both of them), Reagan,Clinton, oops I forgot Ford but deliberately left out Nixon and OBAMA. Watch how they reached out to all Americans and empathized with disasters.
It’s very unsettling to listen to your advice. I’m still unsure about needing a mask in public (I wear one even if you aren’t), eating in restaurants (nope, cooking at home) and buying everything in site (have you seen the price of food recently? I swear its doubled and maybe tripled). We aren’t buying in stores. Just donating to non profits and a few politicians. And, what about medical treatments? I don’t take any medications and I don’t think I will try the one you are touting or teasing about. Since you travel, don’t wear a mask or even really socially distance, be careful. You and VPPence.
Remember, if, heaven forbid, you and VPPence are incapacitated, Nancy Pelosi is the next in line.

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