Dear Mr. President – May 21, 2020

May 21 2020
Dear Mr. President,
You were so close by that I was sorry not to come and see your performance at the factory. Also, you could have stopped by for a cup of tea. Do you remember the old television show called The Millionaire? Every week a deserving person would get a visit from someone who represented the millionaire and would give the person a check for one million dollars! My mom(z. l.) would always tell us that if she were not at home when the man rang the bell, “tell him to come in, make him a cup of tea and say that I will be right back”. So, you’re a “millionaire” and I could have made you a cup of tea. Just saying. I probably would have had to make several large pots as you travel with an entourage. Oh well, maybe next time you are in the Ypsilanti area.
Did you enjoy the visit? It was a beautiful day in Michigan. I know the big news was that you didn’t wear a mask when the press could see you. But, you did wear one when you were “in the back”, wherever that is. It was a requirement in the factory and I believe you knew that. I think you also know it’s to protect other people from you just in case you had a bad test this morning. It was a little confusing when you said “your test was positive” when I think you meant negative and then you called it a perfect test, blah, blah blah. At the end,, it just wasn’t clear what happened. I think you also know that it would show great leadership if the president were seen wearing a mask in public to show how important it will be going forward. But, you think you look too dorky in a mask. Even though that is probably true, I think you are being too sensitive or, maybe, you just don’t like to follow rules.
Speaking of not following the rules, I was wondering if you could give some advice to parents and teachers out here on how to handle the behavior of children (or adults) who don’t want to follow the rules. There are some people, even Trump Lovers, who don’t want to follow the rules your administration, (remember the President’s Corona Virus Task Force for Slowing the Spread?) gave us. They put out these rules awhile ago and so did the CDC (that stands for the Center for Disease Control – you know, for controlling the spread of this disease) for how to be safe as we return to commerce and other activities. If you don’t show them how this works how will they ever learn? Don’t you know how impressionable minds follow your every word and action? What shall we tell them when you say ” I don’t think I’ll be wearing a mask” when we all have to? My suggestion is that either you don’t travel or you do wear the mask to demonstrate your leadership.
One more thing. I didn’t hear you speak about the new disaster that hit part of Michigan yesterday. I’m sure you know that there was a terrible flood caused by a private company that owned the dams that overflowed. I read that the company ignored the federal inspectors who warned them several years ago that these dams were in poor repair. Should the company be held accountable for the damages caused by its dams? Isn’t that situation a lot like the bill the Democrats want for the next round of financial help? I mean the part about employers who do not protect their workers by following some basic safety measures when their workers return to the jobs. I read that the Republicans and you, don’t think that is fair to give that responsibility to the business owners. I think it does make sense. Talk to your people about passing that bill.
Were you just freaked out about the word “inspectors”?

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