Dear Mr. President – May 27, 2020

May 27 2020
Dear Mr. President,
I had a low energy day today. Maybe it is the weather but it’s also the news about the United States reaching this horrible milestone of 1000,0000 deaths. I know I’ve written to you about this before but between seeing the NYTimes front page (and beyond) and today’s sad numbers, I just felt sad, lethargic and unmotivated. How about you? What did you do? I haven’t watched any news but I did read that you were headed to Florida to watch a space launch. It’s very exciting and super cool. How did it go? I also saw a picture of what I think are either the space suits or the new uniform for the Space Force. The two men dressed up in the suits looked a lot like the sperm in the old Woody Allen movie, Everything you Always Wanted To Know About Sex.
Speaking of Social Media, I heard about your Tweet today threatening Twitter for limiting your Constitutional right to free speech. People got so crazy about this. They don’t realize that this is your sense of humor joking about your posts. Don’t they realize that you would never “crack down” on Twitter or “strongly regulate” it or “shut down” the site. Hahahahah. What would you do with all your free time? How would you spend your days and nights? You love Twitter and you love arguing with people. It’s so much fun for you. But, it was a “gotcha” of the Trump Haters and
lawyers and constitutional scholars and, well, lots of others. People just don’t get your sophisticated sense of humor.
I hope you had a nice trip to Florida even though the weather didn’t cooperate. I bet you wish you could have used a sharpie and redrawn the path of the storm.

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