Dear Mr. President – May 25, 2020

May 25 2020
Dear Mr. President,
What a lovely weekend! The weather in my part of the world is very beautiful although a bit muggy and hot. Still, it’s so nice to see sun, people out walking in the parks and sitting on their porches. Most of them are wearing masks and/or socially distancing. I see that you had the opportunity to go golfing for two days. You seem happy to be outside, enjoying the weather, your friends, maybe your family and not being too bothered by everything going on in Washington, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, Michigan, Illinois, California and many other states that are seeing spikes in their infection and hospitalization rates. It’s important for you to get some R and R so you can be sharp and ready for the challenges of the next months.
You are working very hard on “opening up the country” come hell or high water and trying to encourage us all to get back to “normal”. Did you make it to a crowded church service yesterday? I didn’t read anything about you going to one. I wondered how many congregations conducted services in person. It would be good to know so that Testing and Tracing can be done in a few weeks. You also mentioned that schools should OPEN immediately or very soon. You have been so focused on the” Invisible Enemy ” you have probably forgotten that the school year is technically over in about 2-3 weeks. Are you suggesting that summer school for all is a good idea. If so, would there be federal funds to support that? It would be used for teachers’ and other support staff salaries, air conditioning for schools that don’t have it and/or fans. Think about it.
I saw a part of the ceremony at Arlington Cemetery this morning. It’s always such a moving event with taps, the wreaths and the serious demeanors of all who participate. I went to pay my respects at a local memorial a few days ago. There were red, white and blue flower arrangements at the site. I actually teared up and thanked G-d that my father made it through WWII and we can honor him on Veterans’Day, not today. I mourn for all the lost lives of my generation and the next two as well. It is also a day to think about the lives lost in this country over the past three months. The NYTimes front page and the next pages was also so moving a memorial. I hope you get a chance to check it out.
Anyhow, I wanted to tell you that you looked pretty good at the cemetery. Have you lost any weight or was it just the dark suit and camera angle? If you have lost weight, how did you do it? Many of us are over- eating because the refrigerator is right there beckoning to us. You mentioned you have been exercising, although I don’t think riding in a golf cart really counts for a lot. Neither does pushing letters on your phone. You tweet so much that you might start to feel some arthritis in your fingers. You are done with the H (remember, it’s too hard to write that drug’s name out so I just use the letter H), you can use some Ibufrofen for your sore fingers. Stay safe.

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