Dear Mr. President – May 26, 2020

May 26 2020
Dear Mr. President,
It’s another hot and humid day here in Michigan but maybe it’s also hot and humid in Washington, D.C. Or, maybe it’s only hot and humid on your Twitter account? I thought the lovely weekend of golfing that you had would help you chillax (chill and relax)but it seems like it just stirred you up. You had the honor of placing a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier to help honor all our military who died in all our wars to protect this country AND the world (WWI and WWII – the first “W” stands for World).
Anyhow you seem to have already forgotten that this is a solemn moment, not a moment to be mean to members of the military. I’m writing about Conor Lamb, a Democrat House Representative, (not Connor Lamm, if you are going to defame someone at least spell his name correctly.)You called him “an American fraud” because, you wrote, he is “a puppet” for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He promised to not vote for her for Speaker of the House during his campaign but, you wrote that he did vote for her…..but he didn’t!. Besides, why do you care who he did or did not vote for? Anyhow, he was a Judge Advocate officer in the Marine Corps for 4 years and was honorable discharged as a captain. Then he was in the Marine reserves from 2013 until this year. Oh, I get it, you are supporting the Republican he is running against who is an Army veteran who served in combat in Afghanistan. On the day honoring those who served and gave their lives, it seems inappropriate to tell falsehoods about a service member just because he is not a Republican. So, I am suggesting you spell people’s names correctly and check your facts that are actually not facts about them.
Speaking of not checking facts, you went on (and on and on) today about Joe Scarborough and accused him of murder!!! Mr. President, your momma must have taught you better than this. Didn’t she ever say “Donnie, don’t accuse people of murder because that really hurts the family of the dead and it’s a terrible thing to say”? She must have taught you that lesson. As a mother myself, I am sure she taught you this. I know I did.
So, in short, here are some new words to practice using. Let’s work on eliminating other words (Dumb, Crazy, Nasty, Lying, Cheating, Horrible and Mentally Unstable) and try these words instead: Kind, Thoughtful, Interesting, Loving, Caring, Responsible, Uniting, and, the word “SORRY”.
Try to reclaim the “chillax” and watch something fun on TV. I hear there is a new series that a parody on the Space Force. It’s getting great reviews.

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