Dear Mr. President – May 28, 2020

May 28 2020
Dear Mr.President,
I know I just wrote to you yesterday, but you must miss me as much as I miss you. Plus, tonight starts Shavuot and then it continues over Shabbat, so I may not be able to write to you for a few days. I know you know all about Shavuot but if you forgot, just ask Jarod and Ivanka. I’m sure she is busy making food for the next few days and maybe baking a cheese cake or two. Did you know that I have never made a cheese cake !! I know! It’s so weird, especially since I do so much cooking! I did make a terrific cake called Milk and Honey (NTTimes) that I’ve made a few times. It also seemed appropriate for the holiday and Shabbat. I also made a dish that I just learned about on the Great Big Jewish Food Festival. It’s called the Bread of the Seven Heavens. You can check it out on their website and while you are there, donate to the cause of raising funds to feed people through the different programs they are supporting. Since you haven’t really talked about how people are getting their food, except getting the workers in the meat processing plants back to their shifts while they continue to get sick and worse, this might move you to care about the problem in a different way. I don’t really need to know what you are having for dinner this weekend because we don’t eat the type of food you are reported to eat. But, I would would love to know what Ivanka and her family are having. I’d love to hear about her recipes, especially the ones for holidays and Shabbat.
I also wanted to tell you what a great job you are doing on trying to distract people from the Corona Virus, the Quarantine, the 20% plus unemployment, possible Depression and Utter Chaos. Instead, we can worry about so many other things, like you getting banned from Twitter, Twitter be banned by you or both of you making up and sending “Love Letters” to each other. If you can write them to the leader of North Korea, you could try that “diplomacy” with Twitter. I really thought you were making a joke about this. Boy, was I wrong. But, now I understand how distracting it is, at least for you. I think most people are still focused on their health, safety, surviving the loss of jobs, and life as we know it. Of course, the Twitter thing is incredible important but, maybe, save a little time in your schedule for work on helping the states help their people.
There are some other issues I hope you are worrying about. Please think about (and do something) about police violence on people of color. This is serious. Doing nothing will not help you win over the African American vote. It isn’t a monolithic vote anyway so whether or not you can think of something to say or do may not help you too much with your reelection. It would help if you could muster up some sympathy, empathy or, at least, a comment or two in support of the family and the community.
While you are at it, ask your speech writers to come up with some sincere words on the horrid loss of so many in our country. Don’t use the line “one life is too many” again as you have said that too many times. One time was too many. Let’s save our discussion about how to win more women, young voters, older people who are leaving you, moderate Republicans and Independents to your campaign for a different time.
Also, I don’t think you should worry too much about mail in voting. It’s really the responsibility of the states, not you, and it seems to be very effective, safe and popular all over the country. Your people will get to the polls come hell or high water. Actually, there may be hell (unemployment, hunger, etc. etc. etc. ) or high water (floods, hurricanes or dams breaking).Your die hard base (I really hope they don’t die hard) can try their luck without masks or social distancing, or, maybe, they could just send in their ballot.
You have so many other problems to think about that you can take this one off your plate. Speaking of your plate, have a great dinner.

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