Dear Mr President – June 2, 2020

June 2 2020
Dear Mr. President,
I want to apologize for writing that you were “scared”. I wrote you a letter before your very strongly worded “vocal tweet” yesterday evening. I’m calling it a “verbal tweet” because, like your written tweets, it had insults, threats, capital letters (shouts) and incomprehensible depths. It was, well, frankly, weird, sad, scary(for us, theAmerican People),hilarious(because the threats were not believable) and just plain strange. There you were in the Rose Garden, a place of beauty and calm with the sounds of thousands of PEACEFUL protestors in the background along with very loud sounds, Black Hawk helicopters, horses (with riders) and all kinds of military? police? secret service agents? the Inquisition? All to escort the PEACEFUL protestors off your lawn (actually, it’s the American People’s lawn and park and streets) before the curfew so you could walk across the street!!!!!
But, maybe you really are scared as in terrified, drowning in crises, embattled (sorry for that word) on all sides by enemies like the American People, the Press, the Democrats, the Corona Virus, the Economy, the Governors, and even George Will. You should be scared but there are lots of other ways to dial down your fear. You don’t really need the military with their battle plans for the” battle states” (what are the battle states? Are you planning on missile strikes on certain states?). Please don’t say yes.
Here’s my advice for your controlling your fear. First, take a deep breath, then take nine more deep breaths. Do it slowly or you might hyperventilate. Then, use a mantra like “This will magically go away in about 7 months (January 20, 2021) and I can go golfing whenever I want”. If you don’t like that mantra try “I am good, I am smart and darn it, people like me”. If that doesn’t work try a good cry. People often feel better when they have released their fears, anxiety or sadness with a good cry.
I could also recommend prayer or Bible study for you. It looks like you have the book, now. It appeared out of the blue and then you looked confused for a few seconds about which way the Book goes, and then you held it for a photo op to show ?????, not sure what you were trying to show. You do know that the Chumash (the Jewish Bible that contains the 5 Books of Moses) is read from right to left but the Christian Bible is read from left to right. Maybe that’s what confused you. I think your Event Planner didn’t think through all the details of this stunt. First of all, the Church leaders didn’t know you were coming and they were not pleased to see you there, even though the sign behind you read “All Welcome”. They are holding on- line services like so many other congregations. You could attend that without any trouble. Two, moving the crowd away from the Church with tear gas, flash bangs and all those uniformed people was not a great optic. Three, if you are going to show the American People a Bible, practice holding it first. Four, as Governor Cuomo (isn’t he terrific) said or wrote, “now open it”.
Which ever Holy Book you use, find the wisdom that they all contain about LOVE. It will help you control your fears.

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