Dear Mr. President – June 3, 2020

June 3 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Today has been a slow, kind of lazy day where we could work on our garden and lawn, talk to friends either from a socially appropriate distance or via Zoom, cook some meals that weren’t particularly inspired and so, we didn’t spend too much time on the news. So what did you do? I looked at your schedule and saw that you had lunch with the Secretary of State. Can you share what you guys talk about? I bet there is some gossip about foreign leaders or bad press coverage. Maybe, just maybe, The Secretary gave you some cue cards or lines from the Bible that you could quote the next time you want to speak in public. May I suggest the line from the book of Deutoronomy (D’varim) where we are told “Justice, Justice you must pursue.” The commentators reflect on the repetition of the word “Justice”. While some (you) might think of it as “there are laws and everyone has to follow them” (even you?), the Hebrew word actually means “righteousness” or doing the right thing. The commentators go on to say “righteousness is rooted in kindness, caring and giving”. It is something to think about, Or, in the often repeated words of VPPence, “reflect on”. By the way, what has he been doing since the President’s Corona Virus Task Force disappeared (magically) from those” Longings “(they were sooooo long).
I saw the read out on your communications person’s daily press briefing., You know her, the one with lots of vowels in her name, and who was in the group of people standing awkwardly with you for pictures by the church. By the way, she and Ivanka, did the walk in spiked heels! Very impressive, although not very safe. She handles the unfair questions the Press asks by basically playing the “Yes, But…. Game”. It’s the game where you try and move the ball to another court to score points against the “enemy” team or at least keep the ball away from them without ever answering the question.She is very good at the game. I was curious about the President’s group walk across the street to show us a Bible. She tried to explain the purpose of the event and said that Franklin Graham really liked it. Then she announced that you had your annual physical and are healthy. I thought maybe the walk across the street was so you could tell your physician that you had been exercising. But, then I worried that the walk was why you didn’t have any official events today other than lunch. Maybe you were tuckered out?
It looks like the Pentagon People and probably, others, have talked you down from some of your threats on Monday. As one member of the American People, I certainly hope so. You can trust the governors (mostly) to do right by their constituents. They seem to know what a peaceful protest looks like and what rioting and rampaging looks like. Why don’t you listen to them tell you their stories on how they are handling the multiple crises of Corona Virus, Economic Disasters and Demands for a more Equitable Justice System. They may be able to help you distinguish between Law and Order (very important) and Justice based in Righteousness, Kindness and Caring and Giving.

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