Dear Mr. President – June 4, 2020

June 4 2020

Dear Mr. President,
Such an emotional day in this country! I know you felt it even locked up in the White House. Everywhere there were scenes of peaceful protests with the serious message of grief and determination that there will be change for the better along with relief that all four officers have now been charged with murder, three with aiding in a death and one with second degree murder. The demonstrations, many involving thousands of participants, continue unabated and now the curfews are lifting without police or national guards being needed. Do you think this is because of the threats you made on Monday that you will be the President of Law and Order and you might even order the military to take charge? Do you think that all the protesters and all the mayors and other officials were trembling with fear? Or, do you think that the rogue actors that committed the crimes of looting, burning and destruction left because of your Powers? Maybe, it was the power of you standing with a Bible in front of the church that led to the loving acts documented so often by the videos.? Even police officers were “taking a knee” in support of the protests. No, even you don’t believe that. You have to know that the message of Justice (we discussed this yesterday) and Peace and Love are the real answers to hate and injustice.
I see that you didn’t have much on your official schedule today other than an Intelligence Briefing at 3:00 and something listed as “The President signs an Executive Order on Expediting Permitting” at 4:30. Huh? What was that? It’s not even a complete sentence. You had plenty of time to read (or scan) the headlines in the paper (NYTimes), “Esper at Odds with President on Army’s Use”, “As Poll Numbers Dive, Trump Spends to Hold the States He Won”. Yikes, very not good. I did check some of the other news sites that are usually more favorable to you. Still, not very good. They still want to talk about looting and attacks on the police. Hmm, maybe they should watch how those wild and crazy people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and those out in front of the White House and in Seattle and Los Angeles and Chicago and Houston, etc. are going. Please tell them to look on the bright side and not be so negative.
I also read some more about your stay in the cellar, I mean the safe room, I mean the secure bunker. You told Shawn Spicer (remember him?) that you went to the secure bunker as protesters demonstrated near by, for an “inspection”. Then you changed the story and said “I went down during the day and I was there for a tiny little short period of time”. What an adorable way to describe the “inspection”. You added that you had been there “two, two and a half times before” and “done different things” related to inspecting the bunker. Also, an interesting use of your valuable time.
President Obama spoke in such an inspirational and aspirational way yesterday. Did you hear it? He mentioned that during his administration there was a task force called “Twenty First Century Policing”. The task force consisted of all the relevant parties, including police and other law enforcing officials. Apparently they wrote a report with very specific recommendations on improving the justice and law enforcement system. You know, during this quarantine many of us have used some of the time to go through our “stuff” to either keep, give away or throw away. Maybe you could look for that report (as well as the ones on climate change and pandemic responses)? They are probably in your basement, oops, I mean secure bunker. You went down there two and a half times? Finish going down the steps this time and look in all the corners. The reports are probably there.

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