Dear Mr. President – June 9, 2020

June 9 2020

Dear Mr. President,
Did you miss me? We haven’t “communicated” since Friday when you were busy on your trip to Maine. It looks like you solidified your support from the lobster fishermen. I have missed you too, but seeing as you took the last few days off, so did I. Yesterday you had lunch with VPPence. So, what did you have to eat? Do you get to choose from a menu or do you just get the house salad? Today you are meeting wit the Secretary of State but no lunch? How about a little snack? I could bake some cookies and send them over.
It looks like your big crises are over and solved, perfectly. Your Corona Virus emergency is over; not ours. The numbers of people with infections and the sad numbers of deaths are still rising every day. I think yesterday was the highest single day of new infections reported! It also looks like the economic emergency is over with a good jobs rating report last week. I do have one question about it. Are the 2 million new jobs that were reported brand new jobs or people returning to their old jobs? Paul Krugman says it is good news for now (and he is a Nobel prize wining economist so he can be trusted, but be careful. He says the Federal government should continue to support the economy and the workers. I think he means don’t worry too much about Big Ag, Airlines and Large Corporations. Concentrate (if you can) on mortgages and rent supports, hourly workers, people who can’t work because there are no child care centers open yet, and the millions who live pay check to pay check.
But, about this new crisis….not sure your tweets are helping. Really not sure your AGBarr is helping. Pretty sure the new fence with razor wire on top isn’t signaling Domination or Courage or even Strong(ly). I know you don’t like being compared to President Obama or future President Biden, but they seem to understand the need for more compassion, empathy and new policies on Public Safety. The protests are still going strong. Our daughter organized one in our neighborhood for families. In less than 24 hours, the notice went out, children made adorable signs, and about 200 people showed up to march 3 blocks to the main intersection. The “Thugs” included babies, toddlers, children and teens, parents and grandparents. It was adorable and there was no looting or law breaking. People even stayed on the sidewalks and didn’t block traffic. Also, we wore masks and practiced social distancing.
I heard that some of your minions want you to address the nation about the protests and the changes people are asking for. It’s not my place to advise you but, DON’T ! Remember that some of those advisors are the same people who thought holding up a Bible (upside down) was a good idea. Don’t talk and read a speech. You won’t seem real, or even believable. You know you will riff on what is written and it won’t be good for anyone. Your feelings and beliefs have already been made super clear. You tweeted your suspicions about the 75 year old man, pushed down and bleeding. You wanted the military to control the “rioting”. You think Democrats want anarchy so “They” can take over everyone, and, of course, take everyone’s guns away, have no laws and no personal freedoms or only personal freedoms (except abortions). I don’t think so.
Your base loves you and if that’s not enough, get hugs or fist bumps from your family. You can go back to large, loud and unmasked crowds cheering you on and that will make you feel powerful. I hope it doesn’t diminish your numbers of voters due to illness…..or worse. Maybe, their states will allow mail in voting.
Hmmm…..and early voting too.

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