Dear Mr. President – June 11, 2020

June 11 2020
Dear Mr. President,
So, a funny thing happened yesterday evening when I sat down to write you a letter. The power went off!! INFRASTRUCTURE!!!!!
We had big storms and a tree fell on a transformer (not the toys that turn from machines into alien fighters) and there was a fire and fire fighters (so glad for their quick response) and then we had no power for about 20 hours. And, that is why I didn’t write you a letter. I had already checked your schedule for the day to see what you were doing for the American People. You had an intelligence briefing scheduled for 11:45 and then another intelligence briefing at 12:30. The obvious conclusion is that whomever presents the briefing to you does it twice, allowing you to review the material like for a test.
Today you flew to Dallas for a round table discussion on “Transition to Greatness: Restoring, Rebuilding and Renewing”. What a clever title, three “R'” words in a row. Very catchy. Then you went to dinner or at least snacks at a private residence that I assume is connected to the excitement building around your re-election campaign. You will be back in the saddle, on the trail, riding into Oklahoma for an old time, fun filled, crammed arena to replay all your old favorites. Your fans can’t wait even if they have to sign a disclaimer that if they get Covid-19, it’s not your fault.
But, actually, I wanted to ask you about culture. I know, it’s kind of funny, because you are not known to enjoy any of the arts, literature, music, theater or even puppet shows, that many previous presidents have had at the White House. The closest thing to a cultural event was a visit from Kid Rock and Ted Nugent but they just came to say “Hi”. I loved the programs that the Obamas had back in their day. There was an amazing variety of music and artists representing all aspects of American music. They had poetry readings, many from young poets. Oh, and remember the play Hamilton? It was so cool to see school children invited to the White House to see the President and First Lady and have a close up view of much of the most celebrated play of our era. Plus, it was tied to their curriculum as they studied early American history. Wasn’t that a creative and inclusive way to teach this subject?
I bring up this subject only because I recently saw a PBS special on Leonard Cohen. Surely, you must know some of his music: “Suzanne”, “So Long Marianne”, and of course, “Halleluyah”. Did you know that he was from Canada? So most of the performers were Canadian. It was such a beautiful concert and so inspiring and deeply emotional. The highlight for me was K.D. Lang singing Halleluyah as I have never heard it before. Absolutely stunning. I am recommending you listen to it. There is a line that reminded me of you “But you don’t really care for music, do ya?” It may be another strategy for you to learn about compassion and empathy. Remember I suggested acting lessons for you a few weeks ago?
I am really worried about your seeming lack of real compassion about the state of the country and the world. Despite reading the words that someone writes for you, it never seems authentic. When you told us we need to have “compassion” it was just weird and creepy. So, here is my new suggestion: if you don’t want to watch how to act on Master Class (it’s an app that I suggested to you would be helpful if you want to be funny), take an acting class from Penny on The Big Bang Theory (I mentioned that a few weeks ago) or listen to music that moves people to feel love and compassion, quit trying!!! Go to Oklahoma or Texas or North Carolina and do what you do best. Those who love the act will eat it up and those who don’t, won’t. Just be yourself and we’ll see how it all works out.

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