Dear Mr. President – June 15, 2020

Dear Mr. President,
Hello and I hope you are okay. A lot of people are saying you had some difficulty walking down a ramp and getting a glass of water to your mouth without spilling it. I am here to defend you!!! You are 74 and there is no way you should walk down a ramp (slippery or not) without holding on! What is wrong with people? I think it is a law or a rule or simple common sense, that after a certain age (which is different for everyone but over 70, for sure) a person should hold on to a rail. Apparently there was no rail so whomever walked you down should have held your hand. As far as missing your mouth or having trouble lifting the glass with only one hand, tell everyone to relax. You probably don’t use your reading glasses for the teleprompter but for the close up stuff, like eating and drinking. You should probably wear your glasses. Or, it use a lighter glass.
I’m so glad that I don’t have any responsibility to make suggestions on how to improve public safety in this country. Thank goodness that so many mayors and citizens, protestors and police officers are having the conversation and ability to make the changes that are needed. You probably don’t need to think up any new ideas. Remember, the report on Twenty First Century Policing is already done (Obama administration). I did have one thought, instead of calling the police a “force” we could call them, “community safety officers” or something like that. The word “force” already makes people think of violence.The “Community Safety Officers” could still look out for criminals and dangerous people but leave illegal parking, jogging in the street or sleeping in your own bed to others. Let’s leave the weapons of war for the Armed Forces (see, there’s that word again) and the idea of “going to war” to them as well. If the Army, Navy and Air Force (!) doesn’t need all their weapons, you could use some of that money for the “Community Safety Officers”. I’m sure other people have some great new ideas.
I was so glad to hear your words of comfort for the family of the man killed in Atlanta a few nights ago. It’s good to hear a president extending sympathy to a family in grief. Oh, wait, that wasn’t you? My bad. Usually The President does speak with the family and listens to them. Sometimes there is even an anecdote or story that the family tells the Leader of the Country and that person then shares it with the nation. I remember President Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, going to Newtown and spending hours consoling the parents, families, citizens of that horrible tragedy. They were truly consolers in Chief.
You can spend your free time on a new stump speech. The old material sounds trite and so four years ago. The wall, immigration, climate, international relations, you can check those off of your “To Do list. Surely you could come up with a positive vision for restoring trust in our government, uniting all our people, a plan to pay for Infrastructure, or so many other projects. Try and come up with some new material that will show your kinder, gentler side. Or not.

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