Dear Mr. President – June 18, 2020

June 18 2020
Dear Mr. President
Thank you so much for listening to me yesterday. You were right, just sharing your feelings with others really helps. Somehow, the problems and worries shrink and we are able to leave yesterday’s issues behind and move forward with strength and courage to meet the new day.
Just kidding, yesterday’s problems and worries are still with us. Despite what you heard VPPence say, and what you seem think, the Corona virus is still here! Did you know about the increases in rates in Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama and North Carolina, among other states? I heard you say “it’s disappearing”. I also read that you don’t play with Dr. Fauci anymore. How is Dr. Birx doing? Did you read that Michigan has done great on controlling the public health crisis due to our Governor’s very strong command of health information. She has really dominated. I also read that the Oklahoma governor and Tulsa public health director and the Tulsa World newspaper have all asked you to cancel the indoor rally but you already changed the date once, so…..Also, one of your economic advisors, Larry Kudlow and one of Oklahoma’s senators, James Lankford, say it is safe to hold the rally. Will they be there and do they also have to sign the waiver?
The public demands for changes in policing, also known as Public Safety, continue. The press conference with the Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard, was particularly moving and powerful. Did you hear about any of that? It looks like the Congress may actually get around to a bill to address some of the issues that the public demands. Keep your ear to the ground as to how it goes and be ready to sign something other than an Executive Order.
Finally, let’s talk about the problem with John Bolton’s book. Oy Vey! You must be freaking out! Take a deep breath and either have Kayleigh (the one with all the vowels) say “no comment” or “it’s really a fiction book, not facts” or something like that. When you called him ” a loser”, and “a dope”, it sounded like the next put down will be “poopy head”. Try some other tact. The one about Bolton being “washed up” was pretty good. Then you switched to the Supreme Court ruling on DACA. I love the joke you made “Do you get the impression the Supreme Court doesn’t like me?” Hilarious. It totally changed the topic. So stay away from Tweets like the ones yesterday and today that accused Bolton of lying and of illegally publishing classified material. One or the other statement may be true but both statements can’t be true.
Anyhow, don’t worry about John Bolton and his best selling book. Your peeps don’t care. Really, they don’t care. They love you just the way you are. Go enjoy Oklahoma but, maybe, bring a mask just in case.

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