Dear Mr. President – June 23, 2020

June 23 2020
Dear Mr. President,
It’s still early in the day and you have speeches and other stuff going on in Arizona that I’ll have to look at later, but there are some VERY IMPORTANT issues to discuss. They have to do with your staff, your assistants and those you talk to frequently on the phone. STOP LISTENING TO THEM!!!!!!! Why do you think Hannity and Limbaugh know anything?
Let’s begin with those who plan your travel schedule and shows. STOP!!! They keep sending you to CORONA VIRUS HOT SPOTS.!
They may be trying to make you sick. Let them send you to the golf courses instead. You could invite people to visit with you there. Next, STEPHEN MILLER is NOT HELPFUL! We have talked about him before but he’s the one pushing to halt the worker visas through the end of the year. Did you know that the H-2B visas are how you get your seasonal workers at the clubs??? Who are you going to get to cook and wait in the restaurants? Did he tell you that thousands of businesses and universities and FAMILIES will be hurt by this idiotic move? You know that the first time he tried this you had to back down due to BIG BUSINESS CEOS!!
AGBARR!!!!! What is with him? How do you see him as helpful when thousands of lawyers, prosecutors and important people, in previous administrations both Democratic and Republican, are yelling about his actions? Next, Betsy DeVos!!! The economy depends on parents being able to go to work without worrying about their children. You would think the Secretary of Education would have some EXPERT advise on how to SAFELY AND SENSIBLY reopen schools. Has she done Anything? NO!!! She is totally USELESS!.
How about Jarod and Ivanka? There is no way either of them will be elected President and continue your legacy. Their advice may make you feel better….like the blanket or stuffed animal you needed Saturday night….but that’s about it. Really. That’s it. Now let’s talk about your economic advisors. Are you listening to them or just to investors in the stock market? I don’t know enough about macro economics (although I’m kind of impressed that I remember that concept) but none of it works when people are getting sick and others are avoiding shopping. Yes, people are going to bars and restaurants (unless you stop H-2B visas and other types of work permits) but when they get sick they will stop going out?
Please keep your Corona Virus Task Force advisors, especially Dr Birx and Dr. Fauci – the public trusts them. Okay, not everyone. Some of your loyal base thinks the virus is gone or it’s only getting those who are weak, old or sick already. But most of us think it’s real and isn’t gone or even going away quite yet. I think it’s because you tell them that. Also, VPPence repeats that all is “under control”. The problem with him is that he is so boring that no one really pays attention. Okay, maybe your base is listening to him since he is still saying “thanks to the President” a million times a day.
Finally, fire your speech writers. You are barely using them anyway. My advice is to STOP TALKING. EVERY TIME YOU TALK YOU GO DOWN IN THE POLLS!!!! So, stay quiet for awhile. Go to one of the golf clubs. Eat food prepared by the new chef and served by the new wait staff and play some more golf. Just remember the sun block.

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