Dear Mr. President – July 6, 2020

July 6 2020
Dear Mr. President,
How was your weekend?
You seemed to have had a lot of fun both in South Dakota and in Washington. I didn’t know how much you love South Dakota! Had you been there before, maybe on camping trips or had you previously been to Mount Rushmore? It was too bad you couldn’t learn more about the complexity of that site and how it is still on disputed land stolen from the Native Americans who own it. By the way, Is there still room for you on the mountain? You seem to be practicing your granite face quite often. Perhaps that’s the look you would like to see carved into a rock. Did you have the opportunity to visit the monumental sculpture of Chief Crazy Horse? I’ve never been there but it would be something to see and I’d love to learn more about this hero and “visionary leader who fought to preserve his people’s traditions and way of life”. ( Well, you don’t have that much free time to stroll through a museum or learn more about the history of these two mountains and the people, and the sculpturers. Maybe after retirement you can return and learn more.
I also didn’t know how much you love planes! There sure were a lot of them at the air show. The fly overs lasted for a long, long time and were pretty cool. We’ve seen the Blue Angels a few times. They used to do shows at the Yankee Air Museum in Ypsilanti, MI. Did you know that this museum is dedicated to the B-52’s and other aircraft, especially from World War II. It’s quite an amazing place. By the way, it also celebrates Rosie the Riveter – and all the women who are represented by her.
And then there were the speeches. Sigh. I didn’t hear all of them but I heard a bit that your PR person, Ms.McEnanay, (I think I have learned how to spell her name although not to pronounce it) told us about today. She said “your messages were defining, unifying and patriotic” and showed a vision of a “future with a strong military, safer communities, great education, housing and low taxes and an America respected by the rest of the world.” Oh! I heard they were rambling, dividing and weirdly ignoring reality (while still saying yeah for much of our history, just not the racist, xenophobic parts). I am very curious about the education part. You said “our children are being indoctrinated by the teachers to hate our country”. Well, this is news to me! I spent 30 years in education as a school social worker and never saw anything resembling indoctrination or hatred. I also spent about 18 years as a student in public schools and never had that experience. Did you? Are you now saying that teachers, TEACHERS???? are the enemy of our country? TEACHERS??? You have got to be kidding although if this were a joke it really fell flat. You mentioned that teachers should teach children to” cherish and adore their country”. Okay. Have you spoken to any of the parents of children who have recently spent lots of time on Zoom with teachers? Are the parents complaining about indoctrination? Most of what I’ve heard from parents is “Thank G-d for teachers!!” They are also essential workers and our heroes.
As far as monuments and Confederate flags and all that stuff… may be confusing respect for country with idolatry. Check your Bible….idolatry is one of the big sins.
By the way, why weren’t you and Melania singing along to “G-d Bless America”. Don’t you know the words?

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