Dear Mr. President – July 10, 2020

July 10 2020
Dear Mr. President,
First of all, thank you for the birthday greetings for my husband who is happy that we have started a Pen Pal relationship. He doesn’t write but he often shares his thoughts with me to share with you.
Second, how about sharing your advice on tax preparations? We are fine, thanks for asking, but with the extended Tax Filing Day ( aka “alternative April 15”) so many people are wondering about how to go about filing this year. They will probably also wonder about filing next year too. Did you manage to get your taxes done? Do you itemize charitable donations? Also, I know this is private but lots of people want to know, how much do you budget for clothing, specifically Melania’s? You seem to have one suit and a bunch of red ties so your costs are probably low, but it looks like Melania only wears clothes once so her budget must be huge.
I read about the Supreme Court cases decided yesterday but I really don’t understand the details. It sounds like you sort of lost and sort of won and nobody will see your past returns any time soon. It sure makes one wonder where Our tax dollars are going- “small business” loans to friends and families of you and your peeps, a border wall that seems to be falling into the Rio Grande, and hotel bills for Secret Service agents at your resorts! Did you know that the Kushner family (your son-in-law) received millions?So did the Church of Scientology!!! Also, 1 million dollars of YOUR tax payer money went to support 41 jobs at a company owned by one of Your major fundraisers!
Third, let’s go back to the issue of schools. Oy!! Actually, Oy vey iz mir- that means really OY! Ms. DeVos- not helpful, really not helpful. Really, really not helpful. Your threats are also really, really not helpful or even doable. I can’t stress this enough!!! Open next month???? Are you KIDDING!!! It would probably help to focus on the public health crisis and leave education to health experts, educational experts and parents. What if schools were delayed a few months until they got enough money to retrofit the buildings and busses and hire new staff and handle a gizzilion other issues? Then you could have time to find a working a magic wand and end the health crisis.
In the meantime, be safe, wash your hands, stay socially distant (even at the private fund raiser you have today) and WEAR A MASK!



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