Dear Mr. President – July 17, 2020

July 17, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
I hope you have a nice weekend planned. Are you golfing at one of your clubs? You probably need a rest after this long, hard week where you worked so diligently. I check your schedule every day and notice that sometimes there are only one or two “Public Events”, so what else do you do? I know you have chats with Fox hosts and probably lots of phone calls to friends. Sometimes there is a lunch with VPPence but he went on a road trip today. Occasionally you get an intelligence briefing or a visit from AGBarr. Yesterday you delivered remarks on “Rolling Back Regulations to Help All Americans”. That was, according to you, part of the campaign that” saved our oil companies” because they “had a hard time a number of months ago -and frankly, for a long time -but we’ve saved them. But $1.99, they were telling me and, in some cases, lower than that.” Um, that’s not a sentence and I don’t know what you are talking about. Today’s event was at 11:30 this morning. It was a “Credentialing Ceremony for Newly Appointed Ambassadors to Washington D.C.” Is this like a welcoming brunch for ambassadors from other countries who came here to work in embassies? It looks like the only ambassador was Fernando Oris de Roa from Argentina. Great, welcome to the United States, ambassador.
I was reminiscing about your campaign in 2016 and your promise that “We will win so much you will get tired of winning”. I think a lot of people may have reached that point. For example, we are “winning” at having the most infections and deaths from the Covid 19 of any other country in the world. Apparently, we are “winning” at having the most tests EVER of Everyone. You said 40 million tests yet so many states are reporting problems with testing. It seems like there are lots of reasons for the problems including not getting test results back for days. Oh, and waiting in lines for hours to get the testing. Oh, and being refused a test due to no symptoms. I think people are ready and willing to give up this kind of winning. Plus, you want to stop testing so we won’t win too much.
We are winning at having ventilators! We have the best ventilators and there are so many that we are sending them to other countries. Those countries don’t need as many anymore because they seemed to have slowed the spread of the virus way more than we have. Can you get them back because we may need them in Florida, Texas, California and all across the South and up the West coast. I saw the map that shows those states in RED. It looks like a big RED “L “(for Loser?) not a “W “(for winning) across more than a dozen states. Sigh, we are tired of winning.
Finally, we are a bit tired of winning with the “best people”. We’ve discussed VPPence and his rosy statements that “we have flattened the curve” when we are breaking new records on numbers of positive tests every day. He is the best person to brag about all your accomplishments although he is so boring it’s hard to remember what he said. We have also talked about your incredible, unbelievable (I mean that literally) Secretary of Education, Ms. DeVos. Is she still working on a plan to open all schools? Finally, you have the best daughter, Ivanka. We don’t know much about the other daughter so maybe she is the best too. But, Ivanka is a real winner but we may be getting tired of her. She is the best at finding photo ops that people continue to talk about. First there was the photo of you holding the Bible. Now it’s the photo of you and her holding up cans of food products so we are winning the war on beans!
Have a great weekend. I bet you will WIN any golf game you play. By the way, did you know your niece is winning by selling more books in one day (almost a million) than John Bolton sold in a week! Who’s tired of winning? Not me.
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