Dear Mr. President – August 17, 2020

August 17, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Please accept my condolences on the death of your dear younger brother, Robert. I didn’t know that he was not just your brother but also your “best friend”. That’s another level of loss. I know that people empathize with you at this time as so many have experienced the sad loss of dear family members and “best friends”. I hope you can allow yourself to grieve with them as you grieve for your own loss. Maybe you could share some of your moments together like sports, vacations, phone calls, or childhood memories. That could also help you appear to be more human. One caution, if I may, do not hold his funeral at the White House. Everyone else in this country has had to hold funerals with limited numbers of mourners with other people joining the rite remotely.
I am looking forward to watching the Democratic Party Convention this week. It should be a really interesting twist on how we have experienced past conventions. I read that you are travelling around to some areas you hope to win to give speeches. These events won’t be your crazy, exciting, slightly disturbing rallies that energize you but, I guess, it’s better than nothing. No offense, but I probably won’t watch or even read the transcript of your remarks. At this point I think your speeches are more like tired, old reruns whose lines we can all recite but they are just not that funny anymore, except for Big Bang Theory which still makes me laugh. Old lines like, “nobody ever could believe it” and “I did the greatest (fill in the next words) that anyone has ever done”. The Democrats will be bringing in top speakers with exciting speeches that will be fresh and make sense. Your “alternative fact” speeches will be full of fire but nothing new that we haven’t heard before. I think that VPBiden will lay out specific plans on how to help the country through the pandemic in an organized, science based, truthful way as well as how to ramp up the economy and be responsive to social injustice, the challenges of climate change and how to unify the country, oh, and have the mail delivered on time.
I have finished listening to 3 lectures by Heather Cox Richardson, the American History professor who shares tons of her knowledge on YouTube. The lectures I have heard are about the history of the Republican Party starting back in the days when the founders were writing the Constitution. They are really interesting, and I recommend that you listen to some of them/all of them. During yesterday’s walk I listened to how President Lincoln led the party and saved the Union before and during the Civil War. You have said tons of times how you did more for Black People than anyone, except “MAYBE”!!!!, President Lincoln. With all due respect, you are NOT EVEN CLOSE!! Among his other accomplishments was his ability to gather a “team of rivals”. These were men who ran against him during the presidential campaign but whom he trusted to help him run the government. Can you imagine that? Also, did you know that Republicans, from the beginnings of the party, throughout the 19th century, were the party promoting equality of opportunity for all. Well, not really for all. It was for white men until the end of slavery (13th amendment) and citizenship and due process of law (14th amendment) and right to vote (15th amendment). Of course, it took a few more decades for women to get the right to vote and decades more for Black women to freely vote and we are still working on having freedom to vote without hanky panky.
Anyhow, have fun with your mini rallies and again, so sorry for your loss, I mean the death of your brother. It would be okay to cry but try not to ruin your makeup.
Check out the video that Ron posted in the comments below.

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